Cancer Prevention leaflets

Cancer Prevention leaflets

At Last - Helpful Leaflets to download on Cancer Prevention

Why Take the Risk?

This section provides you with simple, down-loadable leaflets on cancer prevention and what to do to avoid the causes of cancer. Just Click and Print -  the links are at the end of the article.

We have one on Breast cancer prevention, another on Prostate cancer prevention, and a third on preventing children’s cancers.

Over time we will update these and add others as more research comes in. We will even add more on the causes and prevention of cancer. If you are armed with the full information on possible causes, you can take the action you see fit to avoid the possible risks.

The average person in Britain has virtually no idea on how to prevent cancer -and that’s the sad truth about cancer!

No one knows how to prevent cancer - especially the young

CANCERactive recently conducted research with almost 1900 people on the subject of cancer prevention and its causes. And most people just don’t have a clue! Worse, smoking dominates the mindset, probably worsened by a lack of knowledge on other possible contributory factors.

71% of people believe cancer is a preventable disease, but 85% haven’t got a clue where to start (and of the rest - the 15% - well, they only claim to know).

However almost 95% of people want some (any) information. Interestingly, people read labels (54.6%) and want warnings on labels (89.6%). So Government - it’s time to wake up!

But cancer is a long way behind heart disease and even Aids in terms of claimed awareness on how to prevent. Not surprisingly, since so much more money has been put into prevention of those diseases including everything from leaflets to TV advertising.

The Cancer Research UK message of don’t smoke and stay out of the sun is possibly too dominant - for example, being overweight is just not seen as a problem (1.3%) nor is poor diet (5.9%)

It is after all the World Health Organisation’s Number 1 cause!!

Staggeringly, few people have any idea that many day-to-day toiletry and cosmetic products and even some foods pose real risk.

61.1% don’t think toiletries contribute to increased cancer risk; 62.2 % don’t think any of a known list of "riskier" foods could have a negative effect.

Worse still when shown a list of foods which have known anti-cancer benefits, between 50 per cent and 80 per cent of people had no idea, depending upon the food.

18.4% (almost one in five people) don’t think any of a list of known cancer preventing foods can help at all. (From which we infer that the Government message of "eat five lots of fruit and veg a day" is next to useless - especially when diet is so far behind smoking as a possible cause).

You can find a full list of the results on our website and, since people think there is no information available, we have already prepared three leaflets, as a start.

Download Helpful Leaflets NOW!

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Cancer Prevention leaflets
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