Cancer prevention - we need to start now.

15 ways to prevent cancer

Cancer Prevention - why we need to start now

Cancer cases have doubled in the last thirty years and are expected to double again in the next twenty. Some children’s cancers have trebled in just 15 years. None of the major health bodies or cancer charities seems in the slightest bit interested; the money spent on cancer prevention is pitiful. You need to build your own Cancer Prevention programme starting with your own healthy micro-environment, STARTING NOW.

The numbers are frightening

One in three men, and one in three women alive today will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. If you get to 60 years of age and you are male, you have at least a 40% chance of developing prostate cancer. And all the latest studies show that orthodox or mainstream medical treatments do not improve your survival one jot. 

290,000 people in Britain will be diagnosed this year alone. (Actually it is over 340,000 if you add in skin cancer figures, which are left out of the totals - despite all the fuss surrounding our second largest cancer!!)

Open quotesCancer rates will double again in the UK in the next 20 years (by 2025)Close quotes

According to the UK Government’s own figures, including all cancers from breast to skin, from brain to melanoma, cancer rates have doubled in the last 30 years.

Macmillan and a team of experts have produced a report saying that rates will double again in the UK in the next 20 years (by 2025). If this happens our doctors and nurses simply will not be able to cope; our NHS will go bust!

Nor is the problem simply one of an ageing population. More of our young people are developing cancer, with brain tumours and leukaemia set to outstrip road accidents as the primary cause of death amongst teenagers.

Open quotes5-year survival rates have only risen by 12 per cent in the
                                                       last 30 years in England Close quotes

Meanwhile 5-year survival rates have only risen by 12 per cent in the last 30 years in England (UK Government figures), and the UK lags behind all its major Western European rivals. Indeed, the USA, who we like to ape, is currently only the thirty seventh country for health in the WHO tables.

The Eurocare-3 study showed we were below the European 5-year survival average for all cancers for both men and women. Hardly facts to shout about, or worse, to imply that somehow cures are just around the corner.

Some people believe cancer runs in the family. It is inevitable. They may carry the BRCA1 or 2 genes - they can be tested. But whilst 40 per cent of carriers used to develop a cancer 50 years ago, the figure is nearer to 70 per cent now. Why? Modern lifestyle and toxins.

Open quotesPrevention is essential - for you, your family and your childrenClose quotes

A 2001 study of identical twins showed where one twin developed a disease, the other did not necessarily, prompting top US health officials to say that this research should dispel people’s views of it all being inevitable.

CANCERactive - the UK number 1 cancer prevention charity

Of course, it is rather like running up the down escalator. You are in a world where so much seems to be working against your health, fast-food, sugar, salt, toxic toiletries, household products, EMFs, radiowaves, cigarette smoke, whatever next.

Well the answer almost certainly starts in your own home. Frankly the alternative (developing cancer, trying to beat the odds or being told a cure is just around the corner) is no alternative.

Prevention is essential - for you, your family and your children, Start today.

The Science of Epigenetics is quite clear - there are FOUR main causes of cancer - Poor diet, Environmental Toxins (including infections), Stress and Hormones such as oestrogen. But we told you all this back in 2004 in our features, the 4 Pillars of Cancer.

Open quotesRead carefully, make your own mind up and
                                       build yourself a personal prevention programmeClose quotes

Of course it does assume we know what causes cancer - and the truth is we don’t. Other charities will tell you not to smoke or go in the sun in the heat of the day, but we know, don’t we, that there’s more to it than that. So please read the section on possible causes.

All we can say is that the finger of cause and increased risk does point at other factors, but whether they alone are a cause, or other factors are needed in conjunction, we really cannot tell. Maybe all, maybe none. Who knows for sure?

So read carefully, make your own mind up and build yourself a personal prevention programme.

15 ways to prevent cancer
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