Cancer Lifeline - North Belfast

N. Ireland

The catchment area of this group  is North Belfast, Shankill and Glengormley.  The organisation is not disease specific but provides a range of cancer supportive services for females affected by cancer (although the group is for ladies it provides information for men as well).  At Aug 09, the group had 292 clients, of these 148 are people with cancer and the remaining are family members/carers. The organisation provides counselling, peer support, complementary therapies, welfare benefits advice, home and hospital visits, information library, classes and help to access a range of health professionals to support the person along their cancer jourey.  The organisation is user led and managed by a group of women diagnosed with cancer themselves.They are supported by a small staff team of two full time staff and three part time.  


Phone: Bryan Irwin/Liddean McStravog: 028 9035 1999 

Email: [email protected]

N. Ireland
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