Cancer cure or permanent remission

"I believe you can be cured. The cancer may be in remission, but it can be in remission permanently"
Chris Woollams and the team at CANCERactive have believed this statement since they started their mission in 2004. However, it is not their statement. It was made by top American oncologist Henry S. Friedman MD. of the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center, at Duke University Medical Center in Carolina. It was on the front page of their website.
At CANCERactive we do not want to give false hope. We read too many press releases on new ’wonder drugs’ that turn out to be nothing of the sort. That is why we take the stance that all we are trying to do is help you change from being a standard cancer patient to being a ’super’ patient. We want to empower you to INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL ODDS of beating cancer, by making better, more informed personal choices.
Be the best you can be - create the new you
Over a period of time, by accident or a lack of attention to your health, you have created a body conducive to cancer. Now you need to create a body conducive to health. Let’s start to build the new ’you’.
You understand statistics all too well. If you eat badly, smoke and take no exercise your chances of developing cancer will be at a certain level. Especially if you do nothing to help yourself.
And when treated for cancer Doctors will be able to tell you the survival statistics for the ’average person’.

By the time you have read this site, you will no longer be the average person!!
You will have improved your personal odds of survival, and of preventing your cancer returning. Significantly. 
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