Cambridge Cancer Help Centre

A drop-in centre for people who have cancer and their carers/families.  They also offer support to people who have any life-threatening illness - although there are fewer of those who visit  than people who have cancer.  Also on offer are complementary therapies - healing, reflexology, Indian head massage, massage and soon they hope to have an hypnotherapist.  They also offer counselling and have an excellent library and are Extreme Fans of Penny Brohn Cancer Care.  The Centre is over 23 years old.  

They are not a medical centre -  they believe that there is a time when people who have cancer just want to see an ordinary person who has got or had cancer.  That is the most important thing on offer.  They also welcome some people who have motor neurone disease, although they do have their own, very knowledgeable support group and also Annie Diggins runs her "Different Strokes" group at our Centre for younger people who have had a stroke.  Their website is - very out of date but about to be updated.

Contact: Mary Pearson

Address: Cambridge Cancer Help Centre, c/o 120 Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge. CB22 5JT

Tel: 01223 840105

Email: [email protected]

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