Breast Cancer Palpation

Cancer screening and cancer diagnosis

Cancer screening, cancer diagnosis
Breast Cancer - Palpation (looking for a lump with your fingers)

Women over 30 should examine their breasts at least every month. In the USA if you have ever had radiation treatment on the chest region, it is recommended that start self-screening much earlier. The self-test should be performed seven to ten days after the start of the menstrual period, since the texture and density of the breast tissue will change during the monthly cycle. Women who are postmenopausal should choose the same day every month.

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Firstly, conduct a visual examination studying the size, dimpling, and shape of each breast including the nipple. Then gently feel your breasts using the pads of your three longest fingers looking for lumps, bumps and changes. A fuller description can be obtained from a specialist breast cancer charity.

Cancer screening and cancer diagnosis
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