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Breast Cancer Campaign

Researching the Cure

We aim to do this by funding independent research, which looks at improving the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, better understanding how it develops and ultimately either curing the disease or preventing it.

One woman in nine, in the UK, will develop breast cancer during her lifetime, making it by far the most common cancer in women. Each year more than 41,000 are diagnosed with it and, although survival rates are improving - on average nearly three quarters of women celebrate the five-year all-clear Britain is lagging behind other countries.

Breast Cancer Campaign (BCC) wants to understand why our survival rates are one of the lowest in the world, and to do something about it. BCC believes that statistics cannot begin to describe the impact breast cancer has on the lives of those women affected by it, and on their families, friends and colleagues.

Open quotesIt is the only charity specialising in funding independent breast cancer research throughout the
UKClose quotes

The fifteen-year-old charity is small but innovative. It differs from other more high-profile breast cancer charities in that it is the only charity specialising in funding independent breast cancer research throughout the UK. Its easy-to-use website explains; "We do not offer counselling, or advice and support, because we feel that other charities do an excellent job and we refer all such calls to them".

The charity’s scientific advisory board - made up of prominent experts in the field and chaired by Dr Stephen Johnston (MA PhD, FRCP) a consultant medical oncologist at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital - ensures that only "top quality, original" research is funded by BCC. The charity is currently supporting research in 17 different cities, from Southampton to Aberdeen and Cardiff to Cambridge. To date it has funded nearly 5million worth of projects.

Breast Cancer Campaign is researching the cure for the disease by funding research which looks at:

improving diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

better understanding of how it develops

ultimately either curing or preventing breast cancer

Open quotesResearch into breast cancer is the hope for future generations of womenClose quotes

Last October (2003), BCC awarded Manchester’s Christie Hospital a grant of 83,985 for Dr Robert Clarke’s project which could lead to new targets for breast cancer prevention therapies. Dr Clarke’s research is looking at identifying which factors controlling breast stem cell development may malfunction and lead to breast cancer. Pamela Goldberg, BCC Chief Executive, says, "Breast Cancer Campaign is doubling the amount it is investing in new research projects this year, and we want people to know about it. We have a strong message - research into breast cancer is the hope for future generations of women.

BCC’s efforts were recognised in 1999 when it was awarded a grant of 109,111 from the Community Fund. Nine official patrons, including Will Carling, Eiaine Paige and Rosemary Conley, as well as numerous other high-profile campaigners, do all they can to raise awareness and funds for this charity, so that they can carry on funding the best projects.

If you would like to help with any fundraising event or idea, log onto for details or call 020 7749 3700.

Please send donations to Breast Cancer Campaign, Clifton Centre, 110 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4HT.

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