Brain tumours in mice ’cured’ with radiotherapy and ketogenic diet

2013 Research

In a 2012 research study, brain cancer researchers successfully treated mice with malignant aggressive gliomas, (a cancer for which there is no ‘orthodox’ cure), with a unique combination of radiation therapy and a ketogenic diet. The researchers, led by Adrienne C. Scheck, from Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona presented the report in PLoS ONE.
Scheck stated, ‘We found that the ketogenic diet significantly enhances the anti-tumor effect of radiation, which suggests that it may be useful as an adjuvant to the current standard of care for the treatment of human malignant gliomas’.

You can read more on the Ketogenic Diet and cancer by clicking HERE. Carbohydrates are converted in the body into glucose which feeds cells to provide energy. But while healthy cells are flexible and can use other sources of energy such as fats, cancer cells can only use glucose (and sometimes glutamine from protein).

The ketogenic diet aims to reduce carbohydrate and protein consumption, but increase consumption of good fats and oils – like fish oils, extra virgin olive oil and seed and nut oils like coconut oil, flaxseed oil and macademia nuts. In the research the team used KetoCal (KC) a nutritionally complete, commercially available formula normally used in the treatment of child epilepsy. The formula has a 4:1 ratio of fats to carbohydrate and protein combined.

The study involved two groups of mice with high-level malignant gliomas; one group was on a standard diet and the other group on the ketogenic diet. Both groups received radiation therapy.
The median survival for the mice on the ketogenic diet was about five days longer than the mice on the standard diet but the vast majority of them survived with no sign of tumour recurrence for over 200 days., even when they switched back to a standard diet. 
None of the mice on the standard diet survived more than 33 days. Human trials are now taking place, but frankly you could start tomorrow!


2013 Research
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