Brain Cancer Trial on natural compounds

Brain Cancer Trial on natural compounds

Clinical trial to look at citrus flavonoids, lycopene, black grape seed, red clover isoflavones, turmeric (curcumin), selenium and chokeberry and their effect on brain cancer
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A new three-year clinical trial based in two London Hospitals is being planned for November 2003 to assess the effect of a range of micronutrients on malignant Brain Tumours. Brain Tumour Action are trying to raise 200,000 for the research (0131 466 3116).

(Ed - The trials were being held up due to lack of funding.)

At the present time when the availability of micronutrients may become severely restricted under the proposed new EU legislation, this research has huge significance. Especially given that natural, bioactive micronutrients can cross the blood-brain barrier, and drugs are having difficulty doing this and delivering real benefits.

Already pre-clinical studies have proved extremely promising and the trial has received ethical approval.

The micronutrients which have proved positive to date include: citrus flavonoids, lycopene, black grape seed, red clover isoflavones, turmeric, selenium and chokeberry.

The research project is being headed by Dr. Bali Rooprai and it is already felt that further positive results could have impact on a number of cancers apart from Brain Tumours.

Previous studies have shown that natural compounds such as fish oils, coenzyme Q10, B vitamins like choline and inositol, herbs such as echinacea, turmeric or curcumin and chokeberry can play a positive effect.

A further study showed that chokeberry plus curcumin played an important role. For a full list of supplements used by one lady to beat her brain cancer 

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