Bowel Cancer Support Group - Surrey and South London

We are a friendly and informal group of people who share and understand your experience. 

Our aims: to provide support and information to patients, their families and carers affected by bowel cancer in total confidence. This includes the effects and after effects of treatment and how and where to get help and other information.

Our meetings: take place on the first Wednesday of each month. We discuss a variety of issues and have talks from visiting professionals on all aspects of bowel cancer and its effects both physically and emotionally. The meetings provide opportunities to talk freely, informally and in confidence about your mutual needs as patients, family or carers.

We offer: friendship and mutual advice to all, including those contacting us using the phone and internet.

We raise: the awareness of bowel cancer symptoms and issues through our contacts and patient representatives on various organisations, so that healthcare professionals can improve services and also so the general public has more knowledge and confidence to seek GP advice at an earlier stage.

The Group was formed in 2004 by three patients who were looking for mutual support and to share their experiences.

·        We are independent of all hospitals but have associations with local hospitals in particular, the Royal Marsden Hospital and Croydon University Hospital. 

·        We also have links with other cancer service facilities and major charities. 

·        We have talks from consultants, doctors, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and therapists. 

·        We discuss our problems together with treatment, post operative care, diet, screening,genetics etc. 

·        We are proactive contributing the patient’s view to studies, research proposals and improved pathways. 

·        We are supported by the South East Cancer Help Centre and work with the Royal Marsden Hospital, Macmillan, Bowel Cancer UK, Beating Bowel Cancer and Lynn’s Bowel Cancer Campaign.


Phone: Sue Berry: 0208 668 09740208 668 0974 

Email: [email protected]

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