Bioenergetic Cancer Screening

New dimensions in imaging techniques

Bioenergetic testing is still in its infancy. But it has actually been around for more than 50 years. Here David Broom reviews its origins and the latest options.

Semion Kirlian was a Russian engineer who repaired medical equipment in the 1940’s.

Over 25 years he developed a series of devices which enabled the sparkling glow of leaves, fingers, acupuncture points etc to be observed and photographed. He worked with his wife Valentina from a small flat equipped with a makeshift laboratory at a time when researchers were under rigid proletarian control.
This pioneering work was limited due to a lack of technical equipment and resources but this couple provided the foundation for further ground-breaking research which is happening today!

In Kirlian Photography high voltage, high frequency electricity produces a discharge through the air between an electro plate and an object.  Light energy (photons) coming from this discharge can be recorded on photographic film placed between the object and the electrified plate. Effectively this produces a record of ’photon’ emissions referred to as an ’Aura’.

Leading scientists in the field of quantum physics are now aware that this mysterious energy field contains secrets about the way our bodies and minds operate.   It could be said that from the moment we start to observe our bodies as shimmering light we are no longer ’looking through a glass darkly’ We are in fact seeing more of ourselves.

GDV field from a healthy subject.  The colours are derived from different colour palettes to assist diagnosis.
Most importantly it is becoming evident that our bodies contain field wave systems which are capable of conveying vital information to us about our state of health.


A poor energy field followed by improvements after dietary reform, herbal treatment, minerals and antioxidant formulas.

In the past 25 years, Russian Scientists like Professor Konstantin Korotkov at St Petersburg University have been busy researching how to effectively measure energy fields of biological objects, including those of human beings. This has profound consequences for we are now able to question the mechanistic and somewhat limited factions of the scientific and medical world and demonstrate that subtle energy systems are part of our reality.  

We need instruments which extend our physical senses and help us to ’see’ what is going on at some deeper level. Microbiology achieves this.  So does MRI scanning (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) MRI seeks only to stimulate the atoms of the physical body through ’resonance’. Kirlian imagery goes one step beyond by stimulating the atoms of the more subtle ’etheric’ body.  Although this field is on a higher frequency spectrum than physical matter, it is able to affect the behaviour of subatomic particles of physical matter such as electrons.


The best way to describe it is as a holographic energy field or a template which carries information for the growth, development and repair of the physical body. The genes in the DNA direct the molecular mechanisms which govern cell development. The etheric body guides the spatial development of the genetic process.  People probably   get sick because there is something wrong with the subtle energy system first.


GDV stands for ’Gas Discharge Visualisation’.  Unlike Kirlian Photography GDV does not involve a photographic process. Instead the light from the electrical discharge passes down through the glass plate to an electronic camera underneath. The Image then transfers to the computer in a digital form.  This means that the image can be reviewed scientifically. Certain parameters can be quantified. In fact the amazing software programme produced by Korotkov allows us to measure the area of the image, the brightness, fractality (how jagged the border of the image is) and much more. This process comes under the umbrella referred to as BIOELECTOGRAPHY, a relatively new term used to describe this field of research. GDV employs state of art fibreglass optics, a digitalised TV Matrix and image processing with powerful computer software.


GDV is Kirlian technique updated and developed to provide practical results.
It can be used to pinpoint any interruption of the energy field surrounding an organ or connected with the circuitry of that organ, and to quantify the changes which are being observed in a scientific way. We cannot underestimate the importance of being able to measure the electromagnetic disturbances in the meridian system.  Our cells are guided by energetic patterns of a higher frequency and although we may not be able to quantify or measure that high frequency at this moment in time, we can monitor its influence through secondary electrical phenomena which manifests in the energy pathways known as meridians.

Extensive use of the GDV teaches us that nothing happens in isolation and when disease invades the body all body systems are affected in some way- just as a ripple on a lake can travel across the whole surface of the lake.
We can often determine where the biggest ripples occur by looking at the fractal order around the body’s energy field (the amount of jaggedness) In certain instances it is possible to discover where diseases originate in the body and also to track and monitor the whole process of pathology from its development to its removal.
Checking the effects of drugs and food programmes and various forms of treatment through this system has helped many patients to make informed decisions and to choose more satisfactory   treatments when they are presented with choices

DO NO HARM (Hippocrates said that!)

If a patient’s energy field is chronically disrupted during a treatment programme and if this weakens the whole organism and compromises the immune system can that treatment be considered as a vehicle for curing the condition?  A suitable treatment should be one that maintains the integrity of the body’s natural healing resources.


There are Kirlian Cameras which photograph the whole body but for the purpose of diagnosis and scientific evaluation GDV analysis uses the fingers. ’Energy’ prints of each finger are known as ’Beograms’.  See fig below.

Each image refers to differences in the biological system. The first (top left) would be considered ’normal’. The others can represent various stages of disease or malfunction. Image L shows considerable stress due to the high fractality. The final image is one which occurs when the body systems are shutting down.


The GDV test requires you to place each finger one at a time onto a small glass plate. A small electrical impulse produces an image which appears on the computer screen and the special computer processor forms a full 3D picture of the Human Body alongside the finger energy prints. The whole process takes a few minutes.

The innovative software measures the total area of the aura, density, fractality, and entropy and provides the practitioner with the means to quantify factors relating to health, the mental state and general condition. Dr Peter Mandel from Germany discovered that illnesses may be detected by defects in these finger images.  He defined sectors of the fingers which correspond to the main organs in the body and these are related to the meridians used in Chinese Acupuncture. (See Chris Woollams previous article on Energy Fields).  These are channels of energy which contain important information about the status of the body’s internal organs.


William Blake had a poetic vision which expresses perfectly the implication here - that our energy systems do have a holographic nature which could explain why therapies such as Reflexology, Iridology and Auriculotherapy work so well. Every part is reflected in the whole and the whole in every part


The images are all recorded on the computer screen and can be printed straight after the test. Doctors and Practitioners will often use the GDV to confirm diagnosis by traditional means or to add a further dimension to the understanding of the patients treatment programme. We are continually making new discoveries from daily results and for the Practitioner and Patient, each test is a voyage of discovery.


Therapists are advised that the GDV test is not suitable for patients with pacemakers, epilepsy or severe disorders of the nervous system.   A slight tingling can be experienced in some instances and   there can be a mild prickling sensation over the area of the body which corresponds to the finger being imaged.  I have not aware of any problems with use of the GDV in daily practice. Children over the age of 5 can be tested and they are helped by being able to see a print out and having their picture explained graphically.


If your therapist requires strict conditions for a more scientific assessment of the energy field the following conditions may apply:

1/  Do not eat immediately before the test
2/  Empty the bladder immediately before the test
3/  Avoid taking medications of the morning of the test if that is possible.

Having said this, in some instances it may be useful for you to actually eat just before the test or to have a full bladder if you want to observe the effects of food and water on your system!
Equally, to determine the effects of some medications on the body, it may be necessary to observe the energy field shortly after taking them.   Talk to the person conducting the test first and find out what their requirements they have, GDV is very flexible.


GDV does not replace conventional medical diagnosis but its role in assessing the energy state of the body is crucial. We look for gaps, outbursts and holes in the individual finger patterns and then observe the whole body graphic.


If the image appears to go beyond a normal radius it refers to an ’excess’ of energy in that part- possibly an inflammatory condition, injury or pain.  I have had many examples of this in practice, perhaps the most noticeable when taking the GDV of a young heroin addict who had his jaw broken by a baseball bat shortly before visiting me. On other occasions when people have toothache or chronic arthritis, the area affected will show as clearly stressed.  Where the energy state is very low and images are weak or absent, this corresponds to a deficiency in that particular organ, (see fig 2).  Many ’defects’ are only transitory and refer to mild conditions. However, if a defect appears on the corresponding fingers of both hands then there is reason to suspect some pathology.

One of the methods of assessing an organs function is to provide the organ with some extra work to do and then do the GDV Test.  E.g. a patient has a digestive problem and has a suspected gastric ulcer. The patient is asked to attend his session after a full meal. Obviously at this time the digestion is on full alert and signs of stress will be more prevalent if there is a weakness along the digestive tract. A blockage may show as a protruding field which fails to integrate smoothly in the circuitry.  If the patient has a duodenal ulcer   the sector representing that area will often be distended during active digestion.

Functional loading is the term used to describe a GDV session where the suspect organs are put under some sort of stress or pressure. This is not intended to elicit the worst of the patient’s symptoms but is helpful for differential diagnosis.

A patient with a suspected heart condition, for example, may be asked to exert themselves in some way by walking around the block or trying an exercise bike before their test. Factors in the cardiovascular system would then show significant stress areas relating to the ventricles of the heart and valve function.



Can the GDV detect cancer?  The answer to this is indeterminate at present although tumours have been spotted with very advanced analysis (see figure 6).  With current progress in computer technology we can expect that a derivation of this method will be used by physicians in the future.


GDV can often tell us something about the origin of a problem and how the person is responding to treatment. We can observe the most stressed pathways and alleyways of the wave fields, and help to focus the attention on where the healing is needed.  There are occasions when a particular sign can indicate the presence of a tumour, but it cannot be emphatically stated and it would be irresponsible of any therapist to claim that cancer can be diagnosed with GDV alone.

Other bioenergetic devices such as the Vega Expert have been successful in identifying precancerous tissue but it is necessary to use conventional methods to positively identify a cancer and to establish the type. A standard test which I did with a Vega on a 9-year-old boy revealed problems in the cellular structure. Referral to the GP produced a diagnosis of early stage leukaemia. The criteria here is one of ’level of disturbance’. We can often tell if there is a disturbance but not always what it is.
However there have been some interesting developments in associated areas of research.

Harry Oldfield, a pioneer physicist in ’Energy Field’ research discovered that if you probe with a kind of Kirlian gun where it passed over an area where there was a tumour beneath, the frequency and polarity characteristics of the signal would become distorted.

A pilot study at Charing Cross Hospital agreed that the device was highly accurate in pinpointing the presence and specific location of a tumour.  By utilising several probes around the body Oldfield found that he could mathematically triangulate to calculate the tumour tissues depth and the exact location.

Professor Koroktov’s approach to ’seeing’ cancer with the use of specialised GDV equipment is to take diluted samples of blood and test these on the device followed by advanced spectral analysis. He found that blood plasma samples differed between healthy donors and those with cancer. Cancer patients had a higher ’Glow Area’ around the blood samples and significant changes in the ’fractal coefficient’ (the jaggedness around the aura).


A press release dated 23rd September 2005 said that Soviet scientists had published extensive research on techniques for capturing images of the human body from patient’s fingertips?

The discoveries were made by Marina Shaduri, founder of the Bioholography Centre and senior researcher at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biological Physics at the Georgian Academy of Sciences in Russia. Together with her late partner George Tshitshinadze she has shown that it is possible using specialised equipment developed from the technique of Kirlian Photography to obtain diagnostic quality visual information about an organ’s structure and disease processes.  Their claim was that our bodies work like a dynamic three-dimensional hologram which they called a ’biohologram’. Over 8000 patients have been diagnosed using the patented method called ’Beotomography’. The system used IS non invasive, safe and suitable for adults, children and animals.

They obtained precise images of extremely small tumours with high-resolution equipment and current research is being done to detect microscopic structures and infectious diseases. Here is one of Marina’s pictures depicting an early stage of lung carcinoma only 2mm in size prior to any treatment. This like many of the other images was captured around the fingertips, not the actual site of the tumour.


There is no doubt that the images portrayed bear a close resemblance to the organs in question.   The remarkable thing, of course, is that these should appear on the finger print images of patients with problems in the associated areas.
The most logical suggestion would be that we are witnessing a kind of holographic profile. Any affliction in the body creates a wave form which propagates the information throughout the whole system. In this case with the aid of sophisticated equipment, some near exact images of body parts are revealed. Most anatomical images are easily recognisable by Doctors and Surgeons.
Here are some which are fairly obvious from Marina’s photo gallery which can be found on her web site and are being printed by her kind permission.



In a randomised blind experiment with 280 patients in a Georgian Oncology Centre Marina Shaduri was 85 to 95% correct in her evaluation of different types of cancer. As a direct result of the Russians are conducting further trials.
In a recent email to me she explained that her main achievement has been to prove with ’iron-proved’ facts that an unexplored domain exists in living systems that integrates all elements and operates via field/wave mechanisms. This self-organising body/mind control system she calls the ’Holo-Informational System’ or ’HIS’
She went on to say that this holographic principle is responsible for the graphic messages which are conveyed to the surface of the body, on the gas discharge coronas (glow area) of fingertips.

I must mention here that the equipment used by Marina is not the GDV which we have been discussing and that not all people in this field of research are in agreement. Whatever arguments may arise out of differing theoretical views I believe that all these people are touching the hem of a new garment and   are in the process of weaving a new suit or clothes for today’s scientists. The implications of their research are too important to ignore. We need to ask a few questions at this point. The answers we are told by the sages are ’within us’.  What do you think?

If we can determine in a holistic way which circuits need balancing in our bodies and focus positively on restoring function are we more likely to engage the body’s natural healing process?

Too often the mechanistic view of illness as viewed by Medical ’experts’ fall far short of what is needed to heal the patient from within. Removing a tumour is one thing, but working on why it is there in the first place begs other questions.  It is believed that at some level we are all perfectly able to heal itself and could it be that some cases of   ’spontaneous remission’ occur because the patient has stumbled across the source of healing?  One problem is that we don’t believe that it is possible.  This reminds me of a well-known Doctor on TV who participated in a discussion following a programme on the work of the late Jean Paul Benveniste’ who had offered convincing evidence and a rationale for Homoeopathy.  He said’ I couldn’t bring myself to believe it even if it were true!!’  There’s a telling statement for you!

If we had that ’ grain of faith as big as a mustard seed’   would we move more mountains and more tumours without the use of toxic drugs and surgery?

One of the advantages of GDV is that you can observe the changes which take place in the energy field when you meditate or ’visualise’ yourself getting well. The aura is seen to improve dramatically when people are in a meditative state and when they are thinking positively.  What does this tell us about our capacity to affect our health?

Is the ’aura’ a reflection of some deeper reality affecting human beings and the whole biosphere?  Unlike an X Ray or MRI or CAT scan this energy field is in a constant state of flux and subject to dynamic changes over relatively short periods of time.  Even though we may have been poisoned by carcinogenic chemicals, inherited a disposition to genetically borne diseases, lived on all the wrong foods, smoked and drunk excess alcohol, lost the business and got divorced all in the same year or just got on the wrong side of God- can we find a way to beat disease?

The light of the aura changes and moves like a river reflecting light. Through all the vicissitudes of life we can learn to change and adapt. Like the river of life the aura reflects those changes.  If it runs too fast too fast and it will break its boundaries. Stagnation occurs if the river becomes blocked. Sometimes it runs into a whirlpool and at others becomes a cascading waterfall.  Observing these phenomena helps us to be aware of those underlying processes which can lead to illness and dysfunction.
When we become more conscious of the underlying factors which contribute to illness, does the disease condition begins to lose its power over us?  Diagnostic tools are necessary for the Doctor focussing on specific aspects of disease.
Patients, however, are seeking information which will empower them personally in their battle against disease. We have a need to participate in our own healing because that puts up back in control!

Could the aura provide the template from which the patient can construct his or her own temple of healing?

GDV has demonstrated the positive changes which occur with meditation and harmonious thinking. Visualisation engages the creative healing process by which we can start to build our health. However, we are not alone.  The words ’Love One Another’ might be a divine prescription for wellness.


The Russians did some studies on couples in ’love’. When a young man sent his thoughts out to his lover, the area representing the ’heart’ on his beogram showed a detached spot on it.   This spot then appeared on the finger of the girl who was being sent the thought, even though they were at a great distance apart.   Similar tests have been done with the fingers of two partners together having their beograms taken a small distance apart on   the same electroplate. In such cases, where there is genuine empathy the auras seems to meld together, reflecting the love union.  When ’enemies’ do the same experiment the auras retract and deteriorate.  Individuals can profoundly affect each other and themselves by the quality of their thoughts.
 From a multitude of experiments in Russia it has been proved that ’healing thoughts’ find their mark over any distance and space.   So it seems that we have our own internal healing ’holographic’ system which can tell us what is wrong and also the possibility of engaging full healing potential. We also have the love of our friends and those who care. Their thoughts are also assisting our healing on some level.

I was privileged to meet Dr Korotkov at a seminar this year in London. He and the other speakers including Hal Puthof, Karl Abrams and William Tiller are some of the world’s most renowned scientists working in the world of quantum physics.
Their combined message was clear.. The world is moving rapidly towards a new paradigm which will revolutionise the way we approach healing in the future.

From their mouths to the worlds ears!


Dr Konstantin Koroktov is Professor Physics at St.Petersburg State University in Russia. He has published over 70 papers in leading scientific journals on physics and biology. He has given lectures, and seminars in 24 different countries and astounded the TV audience when he demonstrated the GDV on The Late Late Show in Ireland.
More recently we have been privileged to have him as a guest speaker alongside some of the foremost thinkers of our era at a London convention held by Lynne Mactaggart from the ’What Doctors Don’t Tell You ’ group. Dr Korotkov can be contacted through email

Marina Shaduri has a PHD in Biological Sciences and a Masters Degree in Biology and can be contacted through her web site
She has recently published a book in Russian entitled  ’Unseen, Unknown, Evident’ and is currently involved in developing an ’automated process’ by which doctors will be able to diagnose. She is also involved in international research projects into Cancer


David Broom is a Registered Medical Herbalist and Health Educator. He uses Vega Testing, GDV Analysis, Nutrition, Herbs, Juices, Supplements and  Astrological Counselling to help his patients.  David is closely assisted by his wife Judy, an aromatherapist, at their Clinic at Hurn Forest in Hants, near to the market town of Ringwood and the New Forest.

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