An aspirin a day keeps Cervical cancer at bay

An aspirin a day keeps Cervical cancer at bay

Yet more research on a daily low dose aspirin and cancer, this time from Professor Kirsten Moysich, and her team at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, In a study comparing past records of 328 patients and 1312 women without the disease, researchers concluded that taking aspirin 7 times per week reduced the risk of contracting the disease by 47 per cent.

As readers will know, the controversial HPV vaccine is being forced on young women in Britain, as HPV is sbelieved to cause cervical cancer.

Researchers did not look into how the aspirin worked although other studies have confirmed it reduces chronic inflammation, the precursor to cancer.

With controversy raging over dangerous side-effects of the vaccine, perhaps even aspirin (usually taken as a low dose (75 mg) pill with meals (for fear of stomach ulcers), might be a welcome alternative.

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