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There are four options.

Surgery, where the diseased parts are cut out.  Obviously, this is only appropriate if the cancer is confined to the liver, ideally as a single tumour.  The reduced-size liver will regrow to normal size very quickly.

Ultrasound,  We have covered this in great detail in our prostate cancer section. Ultrasound, often involving hyperthermia, was until very recently frequently ridiculed by some corners of the orthodox medical world in the UK.  However it works. It kills the cancer cells (literally liquidising them away) but can only really be used where the tumour is confined to the liver in a solid tumour state. Ultrasound has the advantage that it can be repeated if necessary, and involves far less patient stress the operation is quicker and less invasive.  Ultrasound may be used at frequencies which cause the simultaneous heating of the cancer cells and this results in cancer cell death.  Officially you may hear this described as Ablation.  CANCERactive have long argued for its adoption in the UK, where we have lagged more than 5 years behind mainland Europe and Japan.

Alcohol Injections: In the USA alcohol is sometimes injected directly into the liver cancer cells causing them to dry out and die.

Liver transplants: In certain cases where there is no spread beyond the liver a full liver transplant may be considered.

Radiation: Radiotherapy is rarely used there is far too much likelihood of the beam hitting, and hurting, other organs.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is used in a number of ways. For example, it may be used directly in an artery to the liver, supposedly to get more of the drug to the cancer and restrict side effects. Alternatively it may be used generally, especially if there is further spread from the liver. Chemotherapy is not a cure, and has not proven terribly effective. One new drug, sorafenib, a monoclonal antibody, is supposedly more targeted to stop the formation of blood vessels. The jury is out. For information on your Cancer Drugs and chemotherapy click here.




As we have stressed in this article, most usually a liver cancer is associated with a toxic body, one where there is the appearance of cancer already in another location.

It is imperative, even where orthodox medical treatments have been used successfully, to understand that reoccurrence is likely if steps are not taken to clean up the body for example:

  1. Kill off possible parasites and yeast infections

  2. Flush out gallstone blockages.

  3. Ensure adequate supplies of minerals (especially magnesium) and vitamins (especially K).

  4. Strengthen the liver with the herbs mentioned above.

  5. Bind and eliminate heavy metals and certain toxins with selenium  and chlorella  supplementation.

  6. ProbioticEnsure adequate daily intake of beneficial bacteria,

  7. Avoid chemicals, pesticides, synthetic hormones, painkillers, alcohol, coffee and smoking.

  8. Reduce fat, especially cholesterol intake.

  9. Eat a nourishing diet (see a diet for chemotherapy  or read our book on anti-cancer diets, the Tree of Life, for specific guidance).


Other Ways forward


You might decide that drugs and chemotherapy are not for you. You might want to look into Diet therapies  on this site you will find all the details about the famous Gerson Therapy, or Dr Gonzalez  in New York, who has clinical trials to support his diet and supplement therapy.

The Tree of LifeYou might simply want to look at diet to support your orthodox treatments  we have that too. As we mentioned above our book,The Tree of life the anti-cancer Diet  gives you lots of information, even a shopping trolley of foods to buy! We even have articles on this web site covering which herbs  are known to make a difference.

You might want to look for the best supplements to take not merely the everyday antioxidants but natural compounds supported in research as having anti-cancer activity like vitamin D, Fish oilstotal vitamin E, curcumin and probiotics.. And buying them is easy.

If you are looking for supplements click on the tab at the top of the page and go to the Natural Selection shop where they have selected the best of the best and you can buy with confidence.

You may want to look at how daily light exercise can help (some research says it cuts mortality by up to 50 per cent). Then there are clinical trials on meditation. You can access our kiddies guide  to everything from massage to yoga.

Then there are energy therapies like acupuncture. People with cancer always have an imbalance in their body energy. It is relatively easy to fix and get it working for you again.

Cranial osteopathy

Finally you might want to try Hands on Healing, or even pay a visit to John of God. Hes free you just have to get to Brazil. He doesnt cure people, God does. We do know people who went who were very impressed.

2010 Research
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