Absolutely essential reading for all men over 50, and their partners

September 24th 2016


Absolutely essential reading for all men over 50, and their partners

A recent research study - the biggest of its kind - has confirmed exactly what I have been telling readers for more than a decade. This is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL information. Because this illness will affect 40% of men over 50. And you need to know what to do IN ADVANCE.
Empowering you to make better health choices. Chris Woollams M.A. (Oxon)

1. WARNING: To all men over 50-55 years of age

You have made it to 50 years of age. 4 men in 10 achieving this, will then go on to develop prostate cancer. New research has confirmed that orthodox medical treatments, especially if the cancer is confined to the prostate, are a complete waste of time. There is ’NO SURVIVAL BENEFIT’ to quote the research. But don’t worry, you don’t have to sit and do nothing. I have covered the alternatives you can use to make a big difference to your survival times.

Before you develop Prostate Cancer - you need to know the Truth. So, I have taken the latest research and updated our long-standing article. It also tells you the truth about PSA tests and whether testosterone is causal.

2. Prostate, breast, ovarian, kidney tumours
What’s the alternative to surgery?

I have championed this minimally-invasive therapy for over a decade. The developments and evidence base get stronger by the year. Here’s another updated review that will extend your knowledge about alternative cancer treatments that work.

3. "I’m confused - I’m doing so much, but am I missing important things?"

Building programmes to best fight cancer - 6 years or more ago, no one really knew anything except by reading icon. Now everybody reads all the articles and they do too much. Time and time again, I talk to people who are spending a fortune and trying everything. Yet they are missing out the important things they will help them rebuild their health.

And so, every month, I buddy a few people who need some help. I spend time with them, explaining. I tell them what is most relevant to their cancer, their lifestyle, and their needs. And, do you know what, more often than not, it works! Cancer is not rocket science - you just have to cover the bases.

4. I’m becoming convinced; Diabetes is reversible

Yet again, newspapers in the UK have been telling people that there is no health benefit to juicing. It would appear two UK professors and their clinical trial proves that amateur theory completely wrong!

While the number of people who have diabetes is small in the UK (estimates suggest 4-6% of population) levels are rising alarmingly. And the level of people having insulin intolerance is estimated at a whopping 70% of the adult population. Maybe, the Truth is that everybody needs to go on a juice diet every so often!

5. Triclosan is to be banned - in a year

Triclosan and about 18 other chemicals are to be banned in America. You can still buy them in a high street near you. Exactly as we told you - they were both dangerous and useless. How many more chemicals in everyday in home toiletry and personal care products could that statement apply to?

6. Go in the sun or supplement

I put the wrong link in last time - mea culpa! Sorry. Public Health, England are telling telling people what we’ve told them for years. But at least they have broken ranks. even if only for bone strength and to prevent osteoporosis!

They even said you can’t get enough from foods. Absolutely right!

7. Can diet reduce bad cholesterol?

Yes, it can. Certain foods contain natural sterols, while others bind to bad cholesterol and help remove it from your body. One diet is know to beat all others.

Please pass this e news and the links on to people you know who would appreciate more information like this.

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