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This article reviews a book by Gerald Green. The author believes that yeast infections leading to candida, have a major impact as a cause of cancer, and as a threat to survival. Readers should also look at our page Can Candida cause cancer, which provides a clear Diet to cut any yeast infections in the body, and our review of the importance of Beneficial Bacteria. (see end of piece for links) 

Breaking Through the Untouchable Diseases

 - Using applied immunology and herbal remedies

By Gerald Green

A  review of the book by Chris Woollams

I am a great fan of Gerald Green. Why? Because he cures people. Not everybody, of course, but a good few. And considering people usually come to him when they have tried everything else and so are in a late stage of their disease, with an added state of drug poisoning thrown in, I think he does a pretty good job.

Gerald is not a doctor, although medical science runs in his family. He is a fully qualified herbalist and, when he succumbed to asthma and emphysema in 1975 aged 45 he tried all the available medications. His situation became serious but orthodox medical treatments failed him, so he set about trying to heal himself. This he did and the approach he took led him to some very important beliefs.

These beliefs, modified as new information and new experiences presented themselves, have led Gerald to help many people with what he calls ’Untouchable Diseases’ from Crohn’s to MS to cancer.

The book, at 146 pages, is little more than a handbook of notes, but it is very powerful as he backs up the treatment of different diseases with detailed case histories and even letters of thanks from appreciative patients.

If I had a criticism, it would simply be that it could have done with tighter editing as, at times, it doesn’t flow easily and the grammar and even spelling needs a little correction. But then I’m being ’picky’ because the content is impressive in its simplicity.

The Forward, a thank you letter, is written by Jo Wood, estranged wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood. Gerald helped her correct and then beat her Crohn’s disease when all else had failed her.

Gerald sets the tone from the outset. Put simply he believes most auto-immune diseases are actually worsened by the very drugs used to treat them. Why? Because they stimulate the major protagonist, candida albicans.

Auto-immune system diseases from Lupus to MS arise when one particular subgroup of your white defensive cells turns from defenders to irritated attackers. Gerald believes that there is no one thing that causes this, more it is a number of factors. One in particular, first used as a World War 1 nerve gas, is the chemical organo-phosphorus now found in pesticides, for example. This mis-programming of certain B-lymphocytes is worsened by a number of dietary factors including cows’ dairy, according to Gerald. Especially when allergens from it leak through the gut wall.

The biggest compounding factor, Gerald argues, is candida. Most people do not realize that candida in small amounts is a very helpful, immune stimulating yeast.

Also at night time while you sleep, the beneficial bacteria in your gut, feed off the yeasts and microbes you have ingested during the day. In all, they can consume up to 2.5 kgs of microbes and yeasts per night, and candida is one of their favourite foods.

Some 4,000 research studies including over 80 clinical trials over the last 5 years have confirmed not just this action, but that your ’beneficial bacteria’ control over 85 per cent of your immune system reaction and production. This is not just an issue of quantity, but of quality and type too. Having an immune system reaction in your body to a relatively harmless ’good bacteria’ serves to build up a defensive force for the day when a similar, but nastier, bacterium comes to stay.

As research has now clearly shown to microbiologists and biochemists, if not to GP’s , certain drugs like antibiotics, steroids and even those that are supposed to fight the auto-immune diseases themselves merely serve to kill many of your friendly bacteria, reducing the immune response and reducing the controllers of candida, which is thus free to grow virtually uncontrolled.

Worse, the yeasts will search for their favourite source of food, sugar, and cross the gut wall to find it a plenty in the blood. Once in the blood, candida mutates into a parasitic fungi, converting the blood sugar to an alcohol, causing dizziness and fatigue. Just how often do you feel an unexplained tiredness for a day or so? But candida is also an anaerobe, which can colonise small areas locking your healthy cells in oxygen-low zones. And this is an environment that could result in cancer.

The result is a ’triple whammy’ a weakened B-lymphocyte defence system, an aggressive fungal parasite, plus by-products of alcohol and lowered oxygen zones causing fatigue, at best, and diseases from rheumatoid arthritis to even cancer, at worst. 

Gerald GreenGerald argues that it is not surprising that the drugs used to treat these diseases make matters worse. Most text books state that their origins are unknown! So drugs are being prescribed for diseases ill understood!

The book goes on to cover Gerald’s herbal remedies, which he varies a little according to the disease, and the importance of following an anti-candida diet. This he defines in detail.

It must be said that Gerald is quite clear that this is not a ’cure’ for all people. It works on some, it fails with others. But that is no different to Herceptin. But like Herceptin he feels his treatment works well on a particular group of people. And this claim he supports with letters and testimonials, even detailing the programme used by some of these people, in terms of diet and supplements.

Apparently men don’t respond as well as women Gerald thinks they undertake the diet half-heartedly. But a glass of wine a day can keep the candida in clover and ruin the whole programme. It’s all or nothing, apparently.

This is a very informative book. The diet is not that different from the Gerson Diet that we covered when I reviewed Charlotte’s Book  Healing, the Gerson Way. Indeed Gerald’s thesis may provide another insight into why the Gerson Therapy can be very helpful to certain people, even in the late stages of disease.

Click here to buy the book

We are clearly at a medical watershed in the UK. The issue of killing the architects of your immune system with the very drugs supposed to help you needs to be addressed and fast. Only recently in icon Cancer Watch we covered research that women who had taken the most antibiotics in their lives had the greatest risk of breast cancer. Clearly, Gerald’s book explains why.

On a personal note, I remember only too well, paying a large sum of money for detailed and extensive blood tests when my daughter had a brain tumour. All too late, we discovered she had a fungal infection in her brain. ’What can I give her?’ I asked. ’Nothing’. Came the reply. ’We could give her a course of anti-fungal drugs but they will probably kill her’ was the message, delivered without any sense of irony. Catherine died, any way, two months later.

Read the book. Try the diet. What have you got to lose? Only your candida and yeasts!

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