The Sunday Show 6: The Microbiome and your Health

The Sunday Show 6: The Microbiome and your Health

On Sunday April 4th, Chris Woollams will be asked your questions on the Microbiome and your health. He will be covering everything from Covid to Cancer, Diabetes to Dementia and anti-aging to IBS.

It's a FREE show and will play out from 6 pm Saturday 3rd to early morning Monday 5th April so that our International friends can watch it. 


To REGISTER send an e mail with the heading GUT.

[email protected] 


You will then be invited to send in a question for Chris to answer. Questions should be on topic and no more than 30 words long.

People who are members of the CANCERactive Community, need not register and can watch the show from the launch date onwards at their convenience. They can still mail in questions.

These shows have proven to be extremely popular; the last one with Ben interviewing Chris on vitamin D was watched by 2600 people. Incredible. The shows are choc full of tips and useable information. This one will be no exception. Chris wrote his first article on gut bacteria in 2005, and his first book in 2009. He currently has the best seller 'Heal your Gut - Heal your Body'.

Do not miss this show. As Chris says, "Last time when Dr. Julian Kenyon and I answered questions, we were constantly asked about rebuilding the gut after drugs and antibiotics. This time we will be going much further. It may surprise you to know that 70% of adults in the Western World have a leaky gut. And you need to fix it before something worse happens". Chris will cover illnesses like Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease and issues such as immunotherapy and IBS.


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