Cancer treatment centres and cancer clinics review

The Cancer Clinics, Cancer Treatment Centres and Complementary Centres

By Ginny Fraser

People write to us all the time telling of their experiences at independent/private cancer clinics, or with Doctors specialising in complementary therapies, or at complementary centres provided by hospitals. Frankly, there is a truly diverse range of offers for anyone looking to augment their orthodox cancer treatment with complementary cancer therapies, or trying to find cancer clinics offering alternative cancer treatments.

In America it is, for example, quite ’normal’ to offer integrative treatments in hospitals; 37 per cent of US hospitals have the words ’Treating mind, body and soul’ in their mission statements.

To repeat, this list comes from you, the customers; we simply do not have the resources to visit each and every clinic claiming to specialise in cancer! So this list comes with no recommendations from us! We offer no preferences, below or in the amplified articles listed on the left of this screen.

Over the coming months we have decided to both simplify, and extend, the list below. In particular we are adding a number of German clinics suggested to us covering HIFU, Hyperbaric Oxygen and mistletoe therapies amongst others. Here, we make no suggestions and give no advice. We merely provide information, so you can make better, personal decisions. In the case of the list below we leave it to you to contact them and find out the range of their services, prices, support programmes and treatments.

Almost all of the below have been covered in greater detail elsewhere on this web site. Look in the panel on the left, or try the search in the top right hand corner. We now omit cost of treatments as they can change and it is not always clear exactly what they include. Please be doubly careful and ensure you really are getting value for money. 

Finally, if you are looking for Dendritic Cell Vaccines, hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia and so on, you may not even need to find a private clinic. Virotherapy can be found at top American Hospitals such as MD Anderson, the Mayo Clinic, Sloan-Kettering, Dendritic Cell vaccines at Dukes, PDT at any one of the big hospitals and so on. And they might be cheaper.


The Arcturus Clinic

Dr. Stephen Hopwood and the other therapists run a clinically effective holistic health practice.


Penny Brohn Cancer Care (formerly Bristol Cancer Help Centre), UK

Penny Brohn Cancer Care has 28 years experience of delivering complementary care to people living with cancer and their supporters.


It is best known for its residential retreats and courses ranging from two days to a more in-depth five day experience.   These offer a combination of individual and group work sessions focused on exploring the emotional impact of the cancer diagnosis.  The residentials are supported by nutritionists, counsellors and a range of complementary therapists.   Non-residential one-day courses are also offered on topics such as nutrition for people with cancer, meditation and guided imagery.   All courses are available not only to people with cancer but their supporters as well.

The idea is that those attending the courses can take away practical self-help tools such as relaxation, meditation and  breathing techniques that can then be practised at home enabling them to more easily manage the day-to-day challenges of a cancer diagnosis and benefit more fully from any medical treatment they may be undergoing.   Evidence shows that managing stress can have a positive effect on the immune system.

The Charity’s website provides information on the services offered, as well as nutritional guidelines and various fact sheets. There is also a national Helpline which offers help and support to people with cancer and their supporters at any stage of a cancer diagnosis.

For day visitors there is a whole range of other services and facilities available from a shiatsu treatment or a session with a nutritionist through the Charitys Cancerpoint service. The Centre also has a well-stocked library, a labyrinth for contemplation set in peaceful gardens, a restaurant with healthy options and a shop which sells a whole range of items from cookery books and supplements to relaxation CDs and environmentally friendly household and beauty products.  The shop is also accessible via the website.

To read more click here

Helpline: 0845 123 23 10
[email protected]


Raphael Medical Centre, UK

This hospital in Kent practices an integrated approach to cancer care based on anthroposophic medical principles such as the importance of the individuals role in their own healing process and the value of a sense of meaning and purpose to underpin health. The dedicated team of experienced doctors and nurses incorporates various natural medicines and holistic therapies into the cancer care programme, to strengthen the patient on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Mistletoe therapy forms the backbone of medical care given to patients at the clinic, led by Dr Maurice Orange MSc, who has a special interest in oncology and brings over 20 years experience to the mistletoe clinic from his previous post as Medical Director at the Park Attwood Clinic in Worcestershire ( (Park Attwood Clinic has now closed, but the website remains a useful information resource).
The Raphael Medical Centre is situated in 17 acres of parkland, offering patients the perfect setting for their tranquil recovery. In addition, the organic kitchens provide wholesome meals using seasonal, biodynamic farm produce for the nutritional/dietary benefit of patients and staff alike.
The team of doctors also offers an outreach clinic in Gloucestershire, Aberdeenshire, Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire and (soon) Devon for details and dates, please contact the Raphael Medical Centre. The new Kent mistletoe clinic is open to anyone nationwide.
Their new website will provide further information about integrated cancer care. Contact the clinic at [email protected] for more information and treatment options.

Raphael Medical Centre, Hollanden Park, Coldharbour Lane, Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 9LE
01732 833924
[email protected]

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is an international hospital,which specializes in cancer treatment and has 18 advanced anti-cancer technologies and high quality services. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou sticks to “Best Therapy, Least Pain, Best efficacy” to treat cancer and explores the latest technology in cancer treatment. Also, it promotes an idea that cancer treatment combines minimally invasive therapy with multidiscipline comprehensive therapy. At present, minimally invasive therapy at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has gradually become mature and plays a leading role in both Asia and the world.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou builds up a unique minimally invasive targeted therapy, combination of TCM and Western medicine, which has gained recognition and trust of millions of patients. The advantages of minimally invasive targeted therapy, combination of TCM and western medicine are small wounds, fast recovery, precisely targeted-treatment. It avoids the shortcomings of traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy and improves the life quality of patients and has long-term therapeutic efficacy.

The Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is composed of outstanding cancer experts who share their expertise through group consultations. This team approach to treatment ensures that every patient benefits from a comprehensive effective therapeutic regimen designed not by a single physician but by the finest doctors in their field.

In October 2014, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has been accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) of the 5th version, which assesses and evaluates with the strict standards in the world and stands for the highest level of accreditation for medical service and hospital management. This means Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has become one of the most world-advanced medical institutes, whose medical safety, quality and services have met the highest international standards. 


Klinik St George, Bad Aibling, Germany 

One of the leading German Cancer Clinics, which are all monitored and regulated by a strict German Health Authority, Klinik St Georg has been a leader in Hyperthermia, both whole- body and localised. Dr Med Marian Reichel and Dr Friedrich Douwes are the driving forces, with a belief that the best truly holistic treatment is whole-body hyperthermia. Go to: CANCERactive Review on Hyperthermia

Standard practice involves detoxification, immune strengthening and then hyperthermia, which may be localized rather than whole body. Low dose Chemotherapy and other orthodox treatments may be employed.

Complementary therapies include phytotherapy, mistletoe, nutrition and supplements, cytokines, hormones and other therapies such as psychological therapies. Their best results come with prostate patients (HIFU is covered elsewhere on the CANCERactive site), and breast cancers (the Karolinska have clinical trials on localized hyperthermia and breast cancer). 

But, reports are mixed for other cancers and some people report that treatments are expensive.

Go To: Read ’Richard’s story’, a diary by a prostate patient successfully treated at Klinik St Georg


Block Centre for Integrative Cancer Treatment, Evaston Illinois

"Our practice was founded over 30 years ago with the belief that the treatment efficacy of conventional medicines can be enhanced when used in combination with supportive therapies such as a personalized nutrition plan, nutritional pharmacology, botanical medicine, psychosocial support and improved physical conditioning. Many conventional practitioners have begun to adopt our approach because current research has demonstrated important possibilities when conventional treatments are combined systematically with such complementary strategies. The best cancer care strives not only to increase tumor killing potential with the prudent use of anticancer agents like chemotherapy, but also to prevent damage to healthy tissue through nutritional intervention, mind-body therapies and the use of specific supplements as directed by our physicians and registered dieticians."

The lead Doctor at this day patient centre is Keith Block and the success of this centre in Illinois with its direct links to several Medical Schools (Illinois and Chicago, for example), coupled with research papers such as “Survival Impact of Integrative Cancer Care in Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer” authored by Keith I. Block, MD, Charlotte Gyllenhaal, PhD, Debu Tripathy, MD, and others from the and the Universities of Illinois, New Orleans and Chicago showing that women with metastatic breast cancer using Complementary and Integrative therapies doubled survival times plus other similar collaborations, has played a part in establishing the effectiveness of Integrative Cancer Treatment.

Contact details are The Block Center, 5230 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, IL 60077

Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, America

This New York Clinic is being closely monitored by the FDA. The late Dr. Gonzalez was best known for his work with pancreatic cancer patients. Dr. Linda Isaacs keeps up his work and treats patients with all types of cancers. The program consists of large doses of pancreatic enzymes, coffee enemas, detoxification, a wide range of dietary supplements and an organic diet. DR NICHOLAS GONZALEZ’S OFFICE IS NOW CLOSED

We have much more detail here - Go To: The Scientific background to the Gonzalez cancer treatment

36 a East 36th St, Suite 204
New York, NY, 10016
Tel: 001 212-213-3337                                                       

Fax: 001 212-213 3414
(email is not used)


The Health Doctors

The Health Doctors clinic is the inspiration of Dr Wendy Denning, a well known and highly respected GP.

Dr Denning has created a private clinic where you can expect to get excellent medical care from our doctors combined with first rate complementary therapy treatments.



Hospital Dr Herzog, Germany


Alexander Herzog, M.D. gained a  medical degree at the university of Heidelberg, Germany. He then specialised in the Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg researching vaccine treatments against cancer in animal models.

However, later after specialising in oncology he felt that although some orthodox treatments showed some benefits, the side-effects could be extreme. He therefore worked on the use of complementary therapies to maximise the effects of orthodox treatments whilst reducing side-effects. In particular he specialises in the role of the immune system.

His Hospital, in Nidda-Bad Salzhausen, co-operates with the local Medical School, and he offers the latest orthodox treatments but his focus is on cancer cell destruction and immunotherapy. He uses treatments such as mistletoe lectins, thymus extracts, ozone and oxygen therapy, homeopathy, Chinese and natural medicines.

Hufeland Klinik, Germany

The Hufeland Klinik is situated in Germany 140km from Frankfurt Airport in an area known for its healing springs.  It provides a residential centre with 35 single rooms plus 14 double rooms (for accompanying friends/family). Inpatients come from all over the world for a variety of treatments. The average length of stay is four weeks and varies from three to six weeks.

Treatments include:

  • Detoxification, homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oxygen and ozone therapies.
  • Lacto-vegetarian diet
  • Immunotherapy to strengthen the bodys natural defence mechanisms using fever therapy, thymus extract, biological response modifiers, hyperthermia (local and whole body).
  • Active Healing Fever Therapy
  • Mental, Psycho and Spiritual Therapies; art, dance, music and meditation are part of the mind-body treatment.
  • Conventional internal medicine, chemotherapy if needed, but only low-dose available.
  • Conventional diagnostic methods.
  • Autohaemotherapy.  Regulates the bodys reaction to stimuli using the patients own blood. The patient is re-injected with his or her own enriched blood, which stimulates the immune system. A patients blood also contains all the important information about the progression of illness, and can induce a reprogramming reaction.
  • Hufeland also recommend extraction of root canals, claiming dead teeth can considerably block immune resources.

Lffelstelzer Str. 1-3, 97980 Bad Mergentheim, Germany
00 49 7931 / 5360
[email protected]


Dr. Kate James

I qualified as a  medical doctor in 2002 and through professional and personal experience my horizons have broadened and I have evolved my own Integrative Medical Practice.

My work with patients centres around simple and natural ways of supporting their conventional medical treatment, with a focus on what they can do to support themselves better.

The Paracelsus Klinik, Switzerland

The Paracelsus Klinik was founded in 1958 in a beautiful part of the Swiss Alps an hour away from Zurich. It takes its name from the physician in the Middle Ages who famously said "It is not the physician that heals but nature".  The Klinik, which is not specifically a cancer clinic, practices Biological Medicine which has the basic premise that health is achieved by creating harmony at the level of the cell and therefore has a strong focus on nutrition and detoxification. 

With over eighty staff, the team includes holistic dentists.  Holistic dentistry is based on the belief that teeth - through the root system - have energy connections to different organs all over the body.  According to this theory, when teeth are altered in many ways (root canals, false tooth implantations, amalgam fillings, impacted wisdom teeth, metals in the mouth, bone infections in the jaw) they may act as a blockage to the natural regulatory capacity of the body, making healing virtually impossible. 

Although there are no facilities for staying at the clinic patients are transported to and from nearby guesthouses.  A usual length of stay for cancer patients is around three weeks which includes a full-on schedule of treatments including hyperthermia and mistletoe injections.

Diagnostics include live blood analysis; electro-dermal screening (measures electrical resistance at the acupressure points providing information on the energetic nature of the body); thermography (a measure of the bodys temperature control); biological terrain analysis (assessment of factors such as pH) plus many others.

Living accommodation at a local hotel (arranged and charged separately) is approximately SFr. 45 to SFr. 90 per day (including the Paracelsus diet programme). Inpatient stays at the nearby hospital are also available with full facilities (costs on application). Medical treatment can vary from SFr. 250 and SFr. 400 per day, five days a week. 

Click here to read more.

Center for Holistic Medicine and Dentistry,
CH-9062 Lustmuehle/St., Gallen, Switzerland      00 41 713357171  

[email protected]  (click on English at the top)       


The Gerson Centre, America

Many people enquire about the Gerson Therapy. In America the base is in San Diego, although treatment is primarily in a clinic in Mexico.

Click here to read more.

Patients can also follow the Gerson Therapy at home.  In the UK, advice and support for this is available from:
001 619 685 5353                                                                

 [email protected] 

Oasis of Hope Hospital / Contreras Clinic, Mexico

Oasis of Hope Hospital is a residential facility in Mexico that has been implementing integrative cancer treatments to patients and conducting research for over forty years.  Run by Dr Francisco Contreras who, like his father, is a qualified Doctor and is Mexican, it has a strong Christian foundation. Contreras defines his treatment programme as providing the patient with three resources: emotional, spiritual and physical.


Dr Contreras emphasises that treatment is a two year programme; the first three weeks at The Oasis are more about education and training to enable the patient to continue the programme effectively when they return home. We have an interview with Dr Contreras click here and click here to find the diary of Les Bryant, a patient and visitor to the Oasis of Hope.    001 619 690 8400                                                                                   [email protected]

Burzynski Research Institute, America

Dr. Burzynski developed a treatment based on the finding that people with cancer seemed to have low levels of certain peptides. Controversy rages around Burzynski who has defeated several court actions brought by the Texas medical Orthodoxy. His treatment has been officially declared to have effect against cancer, and several drugs companies actually tried to patent Burzynski’s formulae. His work has now been accepted at Grade II Clinical Trial level.

He named these anteneoplastons - substances now shown to be a promising therapy for difficult-to-treat brain cancers, low- and intermediate-grade non-Hodgkins lymphoma and many common types of solid tumours.  To read more click here.

The Houston, Texas clinic has grown since its inception in 1977 to a thriving facility with over 100 staff.  Prices on application.                                                                                           
001 713-335-5697                                                                                                  [email protected]

The Issels Clinic, America

Josef Issels was reputedly the ’Father of Integrative Medicine’. He opened his hospital to treat cancer patients in Germany in 1951. His belief was that you needed to stimulate the immune system and to get it to recognise a cancer. So he developed an integrative practice using both orthodox medicine and treatments such as immunotherapy, dendritic cell therapy, hyperthermia, nutritional therapy and so on.

He specialised in treating patients that had no more orthodox options open to them.

The Clinic is now in several locations in America, Mexico (Oasis of Hope) and elsewhere.The American Cancer Society has said that the Issels Combination Therapy, and none of the elements within it are effective, but Issels keeps accurate reports which would refute that. Also, if you search Issels on the Internet, the discussion forums seem to have many satisfied customers. There are reports that treatments are expensive and that not all clinics offer the same therapies.


The Dove Clinic, UK

The Hampshire based clinic of Dr Julian Kenyon is known to provide treatments such as PDT and Intravenous vitamin C amongst others.

Dr Nicola Hembry, UK

Dr Hembry is an Integrative Doctor working in Bristol.

Dr Nicola Hembry BSc MB BS MSb 
Litfield House Medical Centre 
1, Litfield Place 
Bristol, BS8 3LS 
[email protected] 
Tel: 0117 317 1460 
Cancer Options, UK

This is a private organisation which offers consultancy, research and coaching for all the different cancer treatments and therapies.

Founded by Patricia Peat, an ex-oncology nurse who is passionate about the safe integration of complementary treatments with orthodox, Cancer Options addresses the need for good quality information about the range of different approaches to treatment.   Patricia is co-author of The Frontier Guide to Medicine with Professor Karol Sikora, and you will have come across her regular column in icon magazine. You can also find examples on this site.

0845 009 2041
[email protected]

Click here to read more.

The Vision of Hope Clinic, UK

Established in 2002 by Dr. Andre Young-Snell, the clinic offers integrative approaches involving the physical, mental and spiritual body. The clinic works primarily with patients with metabolic disorders and cancer in a relaxed and rejuvenating environment. The aim is to boost the patient's immune system to its maximum potential and provide personal, tailor-made, guidance to those they see.

The clinic also has 2 luxury, Edwardian flats available for patients to stay in. These flats are twin bedded to allow a family member to accompany patients, for example, during the 3 weeks of their intravenous regime or for just an overnight stay.
[email protected]

Dr. Rosy Daniel, UK

Dr. Daniel is a well-known figure in the UK integrated oncology world initially for her work at the Bristol Cancer Centre then in recent years as an independent consultant. Although she is primarily an ’Integrative Doctor’, she has special interests in areas such as alkalising the body and the use of Carctol. Rosy is also known for her organisation Health Creation which provides materials and mentoring for people with cancer.

Clients visiting her Bristol-based clinic range from those who are happily undergoing conventional treatment programme looking for nutritional and supplementary support to individuals who have rejected medical interventions and want to pursue a purely alternative approach.  Click here  to read more.

Bailbrook House, London Road West, Bath BA1 
0845 0093366
[email protected]


Maggies Centres, UK

Since April 2008, cancer patients in London have been able to receive the benefits previously available mainly in Scotland. Maggies Centres opened its first London branch in the grounds of the Charing Cross Hospital, Hammersmith last year. Prior to that Centres were located in Scotland with interim Centres in Oxford, Swansea and Lanarkshire.  Their founder Maggie Keswick Jencks experienced oncology departments as impersonal and places that stripped new patients of their hope.  So before her death from metastasised breast cancer Maggie created the vision for the first Centre in an area adjacent to Edinburghs Western General Hospital.

All of the Centres are housed in buildings that are light, warm and welcoming.  Each of them was designed by award-winning architects the Dundee Centre was designed by Frank Gehry (Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao).  The new London Centre was designed by Richard Rogers (the Pompidou Centre in Paris).  Nature was also important to Maggie who was a garden designer so all the centres have beautiful gardens that are accessible to visitors.

All the Centres are built on the grounds of the hospital they are associated with so that patients can drop in before or after a hospital visit. What highlights Maggies as unusual is that all the staff are professionals rather than volunteers, including trained Macmillan nurses, a clinical psychologist, a Benefits Advisor and many types of alternative therapists.  On offer might be relaxation and meditation or creative writing, art, nutrition workshops, counselling and more, but many users (37% of whom are male) just come in for a cup of tea and the chance to talk to someone who understands in an informal setting with no time pressures. This is in contrast to the doctors who often have little time to address the emotional impact of the news they have delivered.  There is also a full range of practical information available about treatment options.

Around 40% of those who visit are family and friends, attracted by the domestic environment of the Centres which contrast with the institutional flavour they may have experienced in hospitals.

All services and treatments are free of charge. 

0131 537 2456      
[email protected]


Dr Etienne Callebout, UK

Dr Callebout is based in the Nutricentre, London although you can visit him in Harley Street, and has been treating cancer patients for 15 years having trained as a medical doctor in Belgium. Initially specialising in tropical medicine, he has added his own positive experiences of naturopathic and alternative medicine by gaining qualifications in acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and many other less mainstream approaches.  He has always had a very independent approach to treatment of cancer but maintains good contact with patients hospital teams and is currently a member of the advisory committee of MedInsight, an international organisation investigating the use of existing licensed pharmaceuticals in the treatment of cancer.


Click here  to read more.

Dr Callebout can be found at: Nutri Centre, 7 Park Crescent, London, W1B 1PF.
0203 230 2040 for secretary. 


Breast Cancer Haven, UK

Founded in 1997, The Breast Cancer Haven has been designed to provide a safe, friendly and caring environment where people with breast cancer can heal in mind and body in conjunction with whatever conventional medical treatment they receive. Staff are keen to emphasise that it is not an alternative therapies centre, but one that operates in an integrated way with conventional medical treatment including communication with the Visitors consultant and GP to ensure the best possible care.

The facilities are also available to visitors families and friends and, although most of those attending are women, there have been men with breast cancer who have participated in the treatments on offer too.

There are currently two Havens in operation - in London and in Hereford, with more in the pipeline. The goal of the Breast Cancer Haven is to develop a national network, with the next centre scheduled to be in Yorkshire.
After an initial consultation, Visitors have an allocation of twelve therapy sessions. There is an impressive range to choose from, including acupuncture, Alexander technique, craniosacral therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); hands-on healing; homeopathy; Indian head massage; kinesiology; massage; medical herbalism; reflexology; reiki and shiatsu.  To help Visitors choose which therapies are right for them there is one-day Haven Introduction in a small group with other women affected by breast cancer. This can be followed by a one-day Haven Retreat where Visitors can really relax and let go of the stresses and tensions of breast cancer.

The Haven also has an active research programme. It is currently creating a research-based policy on the use of herbs and antioxidants during chemotherapy. To read more click here.

There is no charge for visitors as Breast Cancer Haven is a charity.

The London Haven
Effie Road
London SW6 1TB
020 7384 0000 
The Hereford Haven
37 St Owen Street
Hereford HR1 2JB
01432 361061
[email protected]

Hands-on-healing is an important part of a complementary therapy programme for many people. We end with a description of one healer who keeps cropping up in letters to our charity. No Clinical Trials support his work - maybe sometimes you just have to believe!

John of God, Brazil

This well-known healer, based in Brazil, came to our attention through Catherine Woollams visit to his centre for healing of her brain tumour.

John of God performs operations some of which are quite physical (though nothing like a conventional operation) and others are dubbed invisible where the patient puts their own hand over the place to be healed while John of God speaks and performs energetic healings.  Catherine Woollams reported she could actually feel my head moving inside.  Other patients have reported similar strange phenomena. 

Other treatments are also suggested such as crystal healing beds, a cleansing waterfall, a special diet with herbs and a lot of sleep and relaxation.

Although there are no figures for John of Gods success rates, and Catherine did eventually die from her brain tumour, she was very enthusiastic about her visit, I have to confess that I am not particularly religious and this visit to Brazil was not an obvious thing for me to do, but it has been both stimulating and amazing. I have never before felt so in touch with my body and its healing processes.

The cost for ten days including all meals, hotels and the treatment is approximately 900 plus flights.  Guides are available for the trips and various options are available. 

There is no official website but information plus details of guides can be found on the sites listed below. We do however have much more information on our web site -click here  to read more. Sometimes, you just have to believe!



Parkway Cancer Centre, Singapore 


Parkway Cancer Centre offers comprehensive cancer treatment with a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team comprising consultant medical specialists, nurses, counsellors and other para-medical professionals to meet the specific needs of cancer patients.


3 Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Hospital Level 2, Singapore 228510


+65 6737 0733

[email protected]





The Quantum Clinic

Dr Tavakkoli is a consultant physician with a 25-year background in hospital medicine. At Quantum Clinic, she provides integrative support for adult patients with previous or current cancer.

Dr Tavakkoli uses state of the art laboratory tests to identify root causes of disease such as chronic inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, environmental triggers for disease, and imbalances in biochemical/gastrointestinal /hormonal/immune and other body systems, then addresses the underlying problem using integrative therapies.

Her Integrative Cancer Programme includes oncothermia, high dose intravenous vitamin C, mistletoe therapy, oxygenation therapy, functional medicine laboratory testing, nutritional advice, mind-body therapy, and information on metabolic pathway blockers and recommended supplements.

Dr Tavakkoli is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, member of the British Thoracic Society, member of the British Medical Laser Association, member of the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis, and member of the Independent Doctors Federation.


For more information on Dr Tavakkoli’s Cancer Programme, please see:


Quantum Clinic is located in East Sussex


Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01825 841155






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