20 Ways to reduce the risk of child cancer

20 Ways to reduce the risk of child cancer

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Child cancer has trebled and some even quadrupled in the last 20 years or so. But there are simple things you can do to increase their chances of preventing child cancer.

Here are 20 things you could consider that might help prevent child cancer, or at least lower their risk.

Preventing Children’s cancer


1. Set an example: Parents who eat well and have healthy lifestyles have children who also do the same according to American research.


2. Don’t ever smoke. Kids look up to their parents and copy them. Never allow anyone in your family to smoke and don’t allow smoking in your home. Children are damaged by secondary smoke.


3.Breast feed them longer. (And have a natural birth). With nine months at least - it builds their immune systems for life (and will also help protect mum from breast cancer).


4.Tell them to eat their greens! Cabbage, broccoli, watercress, cauliflower, kale: Masses of vitamins and minerals and new research shows some, like vitamin K, are just no longer eaten in sufficient quantities by our youngsters.


5.Tell them to eat fruit! One American study showed that those kids who didn’t eat fruit at all, always went on to develop cancer later in life.

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6.Give them cod liver, or fish oil everyday. It has massive health benefits, aids depression, calms aggression and even increases their IQ’s.


7.Cut out salt and sugar. Don’t bring the foods home. Salt poisons healthy cells and sugar feeds cancer cells. So cut down on processed or packaged foods, soy sauce, Chinese food, canned food - eat fresh. Remember refined wheat, white bread and white pasta are just sugar by another name! (Read our book, ’the Rainbow Diet’ and give them colourful, whole foods).
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8.Cut down on cows’ dairy. There are increasing numbers of studies, for example from the world famous Karolinska Institute, linking dairy and cancer risk. And that means cheese and pizzas too! Milk actually surpresses their appetites. There is clear research on levels of saturated fats in the teenage years being linked to cancers later in life.


9.Don’t live near a main road, or a petrol station if you can help it. Both have been associated with an increased risk of cancers like child leukaemia. And avoid living near pylons, phone masts or power cables: The International Leukaemia Conference warned of risks to children.


10.Don’t allow them mobile phones (and don’t have cordless phones at home). Thinner skulls, nervous systems and brains still forming - we don’t have the space to list all the research raising possible risks. Turn the WiFi off at night and don’t leave them playing on the tablet, phone or laptop for hours.


11.Don’t use in-home herbicides or pesticides. They increase the risk of child cancers like lymphoma, and leukaemia. For example, head lice shampoos, garden sprays, flea sprays or flea collars on your animals: Linked to increased risk of child brain tumours and leukaemias.


12.Let them eat dirt. Seriously, too much irradiated, bacteria-free food, and sterile environments gives them weak immune systems - they need the fresh food, the outdoor life of their grandparents and to catch minor illnesses to develop an effective immune system. Children brought up on farms and children with a pet in the house have stronger immune systems. Fact.

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13.Avoid antibiotics and mercury based vaccines. Antibiotics kill off friendly bacteria in the body, the front line of the immune system, and part of their immune memory. No child should have an antibiotic unless absolutely essential. Mercury-based vaccines can also damage the immune systems of the young.


14.Grow your own toxin-free vegetables, or go organic. More vitamins, more minerals, more omega 3, less pesticides. Changes in chemical composition of kids urine were noted within 5 days. Do you have fruit tress in your garden?


15.Go toxin-free in your kitchen and bathroom. Don’t use perfume or perfumed products on your skin when pregnant! Don’t let them use alcohol-based mouthwash or fluoride toothpaste. The EU considered banning over 1000 ’chemicals of concern’ currently found in everything from shampoo to baby wipes, and anti-perspirants to household cleaners. Meanwhile, buy from a toxin-free manufacturer.


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16.Make them take exercise. Watching TV or playing computer games are unlikely to move their lymph or oxygenate their blood!! They will end up obese very quickly - like nearly 40% of kids.


17.Ditch the junk food. Forget the fast food ’restaurants’, the bag snack after school, cut the fizzy soft drinks, the ice cream, the cakes and the biscuits. Mum it is your responsibility. Bring only whole foods and nourishment into the house. 


18.Beware exotic holidays. It is much easier than you realise to contract a parasite. If you go on one, buy a natural parasite purge (tend to be garlic/clove based) for your family.
19.Teach them to practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted bacteria and viruses are now known to cause cancers like cervical and ovarian.


20.Create a happy, laughter filled house. Laughing moves their lymph and boosts their immune systems. And don’t ever make them feel guilty. Guilt and depression are two significant causes of cancer.


All the above points come from research covered in Cancer Watch, our research cen


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