20 ways to Detox your Home

Originally published in March 2003 icon

It could so easily have been more:

Ban all pesticides,herbicides, moss killers, fly sprays, flea collars.,Links to child cancer proven. Bad for your pets and not much better for you.


Leave your shoes at the door; wash your hands on entry. You are bringing in germs, bacteria, and pesticides. Go Oriental and buy sexy slippers.

Don’t let anyone smoke in the house. Why should others make you ill?

Get the National Radiological Board to check for Radon and EMF fault lines. Two silent killers you don’t need.

Don’t live near electricity pylons radio masts or phone aerials. We don’t believe the official view that they are safe. Downing Street doesn’t have a power cable overhead!!

Kick out the carpets. They collect large quantities of dust, which can carry carcinogens to your lungs.

Don’t live near a main road and diesel fumes. Diesel fumes are the third largest cause of lung cancer.

Install a reverse osmosis water filter. Telephone 01280 815166 for details of our cost price offer.

Open quotesForget the microwave and the sun bed. Who needs the extra
radiation?Close quotes

Wash or clean all new clothes before wearing them. Most new clothes are treated with formaldehyde.

Sleep in 100 per cent cotton sheets. Don’t let anything else near your skin.

Put gas boilers or vent outside the house, or vent effectively. Cook electric not gas. Keep kitchen door shut. Nitrogen dioxide among other by-products seriously weakens your immune system.

Put computers, faxes and copiers in a downstairs, well ventilated room. Never a bedroom. The circuitry and inks emit volatile carbon toxins.

Ban TV’s from bedrooms, remove electrical bedside sockets. Why sleep surrounded by EMFs, which have been shown to damage melatonin levels?

Fit a shield to your mobile phone. Your brain doesn’t need ionising radiation. Telephone 01280815166 we can help.

Repair or redecorate if your house was last painted in the seventies. Old paint often contained lead. Take care stripping it off and keep the windows open for six weeks after decorating and certainly before you sleep in a newly decorated room.


Switch cleaners and household products to safer alternatives. Chlorine bleaches, volatile toxins in polishes, dangerous toxic solvents, carcinogenic detergents; who needs them?

Switch soaps, personal products to safer alternatives. And give up using perfumes or perfumed products directly on your skin. Sodium Iauryl sulphate weakens your skin and allows more toxins through. Why gargle or clean your teeth with possible carcinogens? Perfumes are absorbed and they often contain oestrogen mimics, which may be linked to certain cancers.

Get rid of, or cover the plywood and chipboard. Glues in cheaper woods can contain volatile toxins.

Forget the microwave and the sun bed. Who needs the extra radiation? We don’t want to be genetically modified!

Grow green indoor plants. They do clean the air especially spider plants.

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