20 tips on parasites and cancer

20 tips on parasites and cancer

Here are 20 tips to help you understand and eradicate parasites from your body; they can be causes of all manner of illnesses including cancer, and this article may even help you to prevent cancer forming. 


The term ’parasite’ in this article can refer to a virus, bacterium, yeast (fungi) or a real parasite (3 feet long or protozoan!). Technically, an such infection is a pathogen - it can cause disease, sometimes even cancer.

Certainly no Doctor would ever be so trivial as to tell you a parasite was the cause of your cancer. But parasites, viruses, bacteria and yeasts do cause cancer - they drain you of nourishment and produce toxic chemicals and micro-RNA - messages that can trump your own messenger RNA and change the proteins you make and even the way your DNA 'works'.

Yeast infection is the product of drugs or antibiotics, and anything that changes the acidity of the gut, like too much salt, sugar, pickles, binge drinking, smoking or stress. Yeasts are very debilitating. They sit on cell membranes and poison healthy cells; they colonise areas of the body and reduce local oxygen levels. They can set up the conditions for cancer to persist. Research has shown they are opportunistic and abound in immunosuppressed people particularly after chemotherapy.

Ask Geoffrey Boycott about the cancer on his tongue and what Chris Woollams did to get rid of it - he killed his parasite! 

And the fact that GPs rarely even test for these inhabitants is tantamount to negligence. Almost two thousand five hundred years ago, Hippocrates told us "All disease begins in the gut". Have we learned the lesson yet?

1.  "I can’t have a parasite!"

In this article, we are defining any living being in your body - yeast, virus, amoeba, 'bad' bacterium or a tapeworm as a parasite - it feeds off you; it damages your immune system; it weakens you. As many as 70% of all people reading this could well have some sort of parasite!
2. Yeasts are parasites
Perhaps the most common infection in the Western world is that of yeasts. Researchers showed that anybody whose immune system was suppressed could have bad yeasts - typically Candida albicans. But especially after you have had antibiotics and/or drugs. Research shows, at least 70% of cancer patients undergoing treatment will have yeast infection, especially those with blood and lymph cancers.
Contemporary Oncology magazine (April 1993) carried an article concluding  "cancer patients undergoing radio or chemo often finally succumbed, not to cancer, but to Candida albicans infestation". An infestation - caused by the orthodox cancer treatment, if you didn’t have it already.
3. Signs you have yeasts?
Bloating, wind after meals, thrush (oral or vaginal), mouth ulcers, sweet tooth, skin issues, yellow toe nails in men
4. You can easily eradicate yeasts
There are natural compounds that can kill off yeasts. We always advice people having chemo to take oregano oil (180 mg) first thing in the morning and again last thing at night, until 6 weeks after the chemo ends. So too with any cancer drug or when antibiotics are involved. 
5. A careful diet is essential
Don't feed your yeasts!!!
You must avoid foods that propagate parasites like yeasts and E coli in your body. Their favourite food is sugar - glucose, high fructose corn syrup, lactose, alcohol and especially eating fruit immediately after a meal. You must avoid these foods for the first 12 weeks of any anti-yeast plan.
6. Immuno-suppression starts in your microbiome
You will hear that drugs, illness and poor diet can bring down levels of your white immune cells. Actually, first to suffer are your gut bacteria. You lose volume and diversity in your gut. Some members are extremely fragile. Where their numbers fall, your immune system falls. And any pathogens can come out to play.
7. Your immune system suffers?
Your immune system is in two parts. Your innate immune system, you were born with, is your first line of defence and relies on T-cells. To attack your parasites, you need good numbers of T-cells and they need to be activated. How does this happen? They have receptor sites for vitamin D. Without enough vitamin D in your body, your T-cells cannot attack. You need to have a plasma level of 125 nmol/L. Harvard Medical School, the Endocrine Society and Professor Michael Holick of Boston Medical School all say that is the correct 'healthy' level. You should get there by having 2 hours in the sun per day. If you cannot, take 125 micrograms of vitamin D as a supplement. 
The second part of your immune system is your Adaptive System. Here B-cells make antibodies which attack anything nasty in your body. Yet again, vitamin D is essential.
8. What about that food poisoning on holiday?

No. That was almost 25 years ago!

Think again. You had a holiday in India, or was it China, Morocco, or Mexico? You ate the fruit, you had ice in your drinks, you’ve tried sushi, smoked or marinated fish. You’ve eaten undercooked pork. You ate a salad in that cafe by the sea - how did they wash the lettuce?Liver fluke is common in South East Asia; one family in India told me everybody in their town had a parasite from the fish in the river.  You could have thread worms from the UK soil. The incidence of liver fluke in British livestock has quadrupled since 1997.  

Maryland Medical School have stated that it can be 20 years or more before a parasite comes out to play. People should never think their parasite went when the diarrhoea stopped. It is still there in your body right now - maybe only 200,000 of them!

Another common bacteria is Helicobacter pylori. It is a parasite and causes stomach cancer and sometimes oesophageal cancer.

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9. What about the food poisoning I had in town one evening?

This might not have been a parasite like a liver fluke (common in South East Asia). It could have been Salmonella, Listeria or something milder. Whatever it was, we have covered research that shows it knocks out good bacteria in your gut, that keep E coli in check. So over the next 10 years or so E coli, which is at small levels in all of us anyway, starts to multiply and grow. We are more likely to get Crohn's and colorectal cancer; women are far more likely to develop UTIs.

10. How can we treat E coli?

E coli is another sugar-loving infection. So beware of your diet. Other bad bacteria include chlamydia, fusobacterium and campylobacter.

These parasites drains us of nourishment, weaken our immune system, cause inflammation and can poison us. Artemisinin, or Sweet wormwood is effective against many 'bad' bacteria. You should take about 100 mg per 10 kg of body weight, before bed. But if you have high blood fats, and/or a fatty liver, take this 10 days on, 10 days off for about 8 rounds. High doses can cause jaundice if you have a compromised liver.

11. The Lyme Disease bacterium found in brain cancer

Borellia burgdorferi was found symptomless in all 5 brains with GBM, researched by an American professor. This bacterium can also be killed by artemisinin. We regularly find the presence of parasites in people with brain tumours.

12. The oral microbiome is linked to cancer

Certain bacteria are linked to periodontal disease, gum disease and bad breath. And liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, oesophageal, head and neck cancers and others. The researchers advised anyone with oral issues to go to a dentist urgently and sort the problem out.

13. Viruses cause cancer

Although people have claimed this for years, only now with better detection do we know the truth. HPV, Epstein-Barr, HIV, Herpes simplex and more are all on the list. They have been linked to leukaemia, lymphoma, liver cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

14. Natural compounds that kill viruses

No one should pretend that this is easy. But neither is it impossible. There are compounds such as pau d'arco - we had a lady beat her lymphocytic leukaemia with oregano oil and pau d'arco for 2 years. You take 1000 mg first thing and last thing. Then there is olive leaf extract. But also, zinc kills viruses and you can take it with Quercetin. Quercetin acts as an ionophore - it carries compounds into the cells and zinc can kill viruses, especially retroviruses.

15. HPV and natural compounds

We have covered research showing that Shiitake mushrooms, wormwood, curcumin/turmeric, graviola and ellagic acid can all reduce the load of HPV in the body.

16. Viruses demand a strong immune system

It is officially estimated that at least 20 per cent of cancer patients have a virus of some sort. You must strengthen your gut microbiome, boost your vitamin D levels, and take compounds such as echinacea, cat's claw, grape seed extract, pine bark extract, essiac, beta-glucan, and MGN Biobran.

17. Can an imbalanced microbiome cause cancer?

What if the good guys are not there keeping the bad guys in check? Prescribed antibiotics, antibiotics in foods, steroids, cortisone, chemotherapy drugs, stress, binge drinking, a poor diet and over-chlorinated water can kill off the good guys. Even GM food is apparently a threat. Professor Paul O’Toole from the Microbiome Institute in Cork, Ireland was adamant. ’Do I think an imbalanced gut microbiome could cause cancer? Yup, you bet!"

18. A parasite can completely destroy a healthy microbiome

We now have research that  a parasite on its own can create a complete imbalance in the microbiome. Parasites such as Blastocystis hominis are not known to cause any specific disease but they can over time completely alter a microbiome for the worse. 

19. All illness starts in the gut

You need to kill the bad, add more good bacteria, heal the gut wall, and replenish the gut lining (easily damaged by drugs and antibiotics. Butyrate can heal the gut wall; it also helps colonies of bacteria establish. Raw cheese and multistrain Kefir will provide trillions of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains; plus the cheese contains bacteria that will help rebuild your gut lining. In that gut lining/gut wall sandwich, immunoglobulin A and bacteria receive chemicals from rogue cells - Covid, cancer, parasites, and 70 per cent of the immune system originates here.

Butyrate also activates vitamin D, controls gut wall inflammation and can kill cancer cells in the gut and around the body. It is really important to heal your gut lining and gut wall to prevent food molecules and toxins crossing in to the bloodstream and causing chronic inflation.

20. Promote your good bacteria

Eat properly, lots of soluble fibre; foods that boost good bacteria and take a parasite killer.

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