15 New Years Resolutions

Originally published in January 2003 icon

I will:-

Establish a happy and fulfilling life.
List your problems, dislikes and pet hates (things and people) down the left of a page; your strengths and aims, down the right. Cut the former, add to the latter.

Celebrate living.
Make new friends, have new experiences, learn new things. Have fun, stimulate the happy hormones.

Develop a sense of purpose
You’ll be more fulfilled, have less stress and live longer

Fruit and veg

Eat more locally grown, fresh organic fruit and vegetables.
Two helpings of fruit and six to eight helpings of vegetables per day.

Eat less red meat, more deep-sea caught fish.

Plan your meals around the vegetables not the meat.Cut out the excess hormones and animal fats and increase your omega 3 intake.

Cut out dairy completely.
Cut fats and oils to a minimum. Switch to soya or rice milk. Olive oil would be okay.

Give up smoking, drink only moderately, use a mobile phone less.
Who needs the worry?

Cut sugar, salt and caffeine out completely.
All are linked to hormone imbalances.

Avoid all drugs, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.
Unless the doctor insists. And even then...

Check for parasites and viruses; and keep yeasts at bay.
Take a parasite purge; take acidophilus, yeast killers, have a virus check.

Exercise and water

Buy a good water filtration system.
Keep it clean; good quality water is essential to your health.

Take some exercise daily, or take up yoga and meditation.
Boost your immune system 30 per cent, clear your mind, improve your health and oxygenate your body.

Clean up my home.
Cut pesticides in the garden; carcinogens from your toiletries and cosmetics, your soaps, detergents and cleaning agents.

Have a body energy service every 3 months.
Go to a cranial osteopath or acupuncturist.

Take supplements.
Start with the ones that make up for dietary shortfalls. Fish oils, selenium, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10.

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