12 ways to build your immune system, properly

Comprehensive review CANCER active Immunotherapy

The list below may well surprise you. 12 essential yet simple steps you can start today to 

Rebuild your immune system for yourself!

Remember, it is a system; it is not just a few ’white cells’ that can be stimulated by a drug or a herb.

1. Give yourself a HUG.

Heal Ur Gut: Possibly the single most important step you can take.

Your gut bacteria control about 85 per cent of your immune system and immune memory. That is until you take a drug (especially an antibiotic or PPI), eat too many pickles, too much sugar and cows’ dairy, are stressed, smoke, drink too much alcohol and use personal care and toiletry products containing ‘chemicals of concern’ such as bacteria-killing triclosan. Follow the Heal Ur Gut protocol – see http://www.chriswoollamshealthwatch.com/articles/Heal-Your-Gut-now-HUG-it!/3168

Other ‘chemicals of concern’ that damage your immune system are found in pesticides and herbicides, and in certain GMO foods – which have cyanide-producing modifications to kill bacteria, and may be heavily sprayed by glyphosphate. Grow your own for safety, or buy organic. Live Clean at home (CLICK HERE for toxin-free in-home products).

2. Eat high natural fibre

Particularly soluble fibre. Research from America showed that people eating the highest levels of natural fibre had the strongest immune systems. Well, that’s not surprising. The good bacteria thrive on a high fibre diet. Don’t add ‘false fibre’. Eat foods naturally , high in fibre. (see http://www.chriswoollamshealthwatch.com/articles/Soluble-fibre-consumption-boost-the-immune-system/3165 ).

3. Take a probiotic containing Bifidobacterium

Research shows it boosts T-helper lymphocytes and is vital in an infants armoury against infection. 2015 research shows that it can amplify and even beat the lates breed of ‘wonder’ immunotherapy drugs (See http://www.chriswoollamshealthwatch.com/articles/Probiotics-improve-chemo-outcomes-as-much-as-the-new-wonder-‘immunotherapies’/3163 )

4. Try a small aspirin a day (with food)

Aspririn also seems to have an immunotherapy-like unblocking effect. It reduces levels of PGE2, a protein formed by inflammation on the surface of cancer cells to prevent your immune system seeing the cell. (See http://www.chriswoollamshealthwatch.com/articles/A-small-aspirin-is-becoming-an-essential-part-of-cancer-treatment/3152 ). Be careful to always take with food and never if you have heart or cardiovascular problems.

5. Clean your liver

One function of the liver is to process fat. If it doesn’t do this properly, especially if you are ill with an illness like cancer, it can become blocked. This causes fat to build up in the lymph and then the immune system will become impaired. So clean your liver – often the old fashioned remedies are best – try a tablespoon of Epsom Salts, 45 minutes before you go to bed at night – eating an olive oil-rich salad an hour before helps. Once per month.

6. Exercise and have fun

Exercise moves the lymph, liquefies toxin-containing visceral fats, and produces endorphins (so-called happy hormones). These hormones act like drugs in the body to boost your immune system.

Laughter, sex, happiness, looking at a beautiful and awesome view have all been shown to boost the immune system. Even the power of positive thinking and meditation. They boost the production of opiods in the brain – more hormones that counter free-radicals and boost the immune system.

7. Sleep properly

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland about 45 minutes after you go to sleep. It pushes you into a deeper sleep. But few people understand that it is the biggest antioxidant that we make as animals. And that is why sleep is highly healing. Always sleep in a darkened room, free of Electro Magnetic Fields, and avoid disturbed sleep patterns. If you supplement, take no more than 3 mgs.

8. Eat foods high in antioxidants

Antioxidants neutralize free-radicals. So, Eat a Rainbow – The Rainbow Diet is full of bioactive natural compounds and good oils that combat free-radicals and boost your immune system. (see www.the-rainbow-diet.com )

9. Supplement

There are many – start with OPCs. One, grape seed extract, won the best antioxidant in the US VITAL study, by 46 per cent. That’s only because they didn’t include pine bark extract. Other notable antioxidants include curcumin, vitamin E (in all 8 forms), beta-carotene and vitamin A (take chlorella) and beta-glucans (for example, in medicinal mushrooms). It is important to take several. Why? Because you have lots of different white cells. Having a high white cell count is irrelevant – you need to know that you have macrophages, B- and T- cells, dendritic cells, Natural Killer cells etc. No one antioxidant boost the lot.

10. Try some herbs

Some herbs boost the numbers of your white cells, others help your immune system see the bad guys, while others do both jobs. Try berberine, cat’s claw, echinacea, and astragalus.

11. Fast for 3 to 5 days

Try a three or five day fast - Dr. Walter Longo of University of California, San Diego has shown that as you start your fast, old immune cells die off. When you recommence your normal diet, your stem cells produce a whole new batch of stronger white cells. A short fast reboots the whole system.

12. Vitamin D

The coup de grace – I’ve left the most important until last. So, you’ve restored your gut, cleaned your system and eaten well along with some probiotics and supplements. But all this is still not enough. When rogue cells are in your body dendritic cells take part of them to the lymph nodes where they are analysed and measured up. The tailor-made T-lymphocytes are made. They flood into the body to attack the rogue cells. But. They cannot attack until they are activated – they first have to pick up a vitamin D molecule (and somehow vitamin K helps the binding). All manner of chronic illnesses from MS to cancer are now linked with low vitamin D levels.

One week on the beach will give you 70,000 International Units (IUs). Harvard Medical School recommends that every cancer patient supplements with 5,000IUs a day. Who are we to argue?

Comprehensive review CANCER active Immunotherapy
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