10 Ways To Cut Estrogen Levels Naturally

10 Ways To Cut Estrogen Levels Naturally

How to reduce your oestrogen levels naturally!

Oestrogen (Estrogen) is a family of compounds, some of which are powerful cancer-causing chemicals and this guide shows you how you can help yourself cut the oestrogen load in your body. There are three groups in the oestrogen family.

1. Human oestrogen

2. Chemical oestrogen, or xenoestrogens

3. Plant oestrogen, or phytoestrogens

Full explanations are given elsewhere on this website - and we even have a best-selling book ’Oestrogen - the killer in our midst’

Some ’Truths about ’Oestrogen’ and cancer

   * Levels of oestrogen, or estrogen, have never been higher in the history of mankind than they are today.  Cancer research estimated that oestrogen levels were growing in women’s bodies at about 7% per annum.

   * The female sex hormone is called oestrone (estrone) - made by the C-2 pathway in the ovaries. It rarely causes cancer.

   * Women who develop breast cancer are tested immediately to see if they are ’Estrogen positive’ (ER+). That oestrogen is most usually ’Oestradiol’ (Estradiol), made by the C-16 pathway and aromatase enzymes in your fat stores. Women in America with ovarian are tested routinely too, but not in the UK.

   * Typically, women may develop breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer.

   * But - Men can have high oestrogen too!!! If I told you that oestrogen was linked to prostate cancer and to testicular cancer, you might be surprised. But what if I said it can be linked to brain cancer, or non-small cell lung cancer? You’d stop thinking of oestrogen as the female sex hormone!

   * Most usually the danger comes from oestradiol (estradiol) or chemical oestrogens from environmental toxins in everyday products, our homes and the work place.

So if you really want ant to reduce your oestrogen levels, man or woman, you should read our book ’Oestrogen - the killer in our midst’.

Meanwhile, here’s how to cut your estrogen naturally:-

1: Don’t be overweight - the dangerous human oestrogen, oestradiol, is made in your fat stores in men and women! And fat levels in the body raise your oestrogen levels. The good news from North Western Medical School is that controlled weight loss increases survival times.
2: Avoid herbicides, pesticides and fungicides - in Israel chemicals like DDT and Lindane were linked with a 4-fold increase in breast cancer. There are many, many others in herbicides, fungicides and pesticides today.


Perfume bottle3: Go toxin-free at home - the average UK woman comes into contact with 680 chemicals per month IN HER OWN HOME. Two thirds are toxic and one third probably carcinogenic according to a UK Government White Paper!

i. Do not put perfume or perfumed products on your skin (and that includes aftershaves and body lotions).
ii. Beware drinking liquids from plastic bottles/cups especially if hot, because of phthalate levels.
iii. Beware eating tinned food from cans with white linings because of BPA levels.
iv. Avoid parabens where possible in toiletries.
v. Beware volatile carbons from ceiling and floor tile glues, or chipboard.
vi. Beware gases from common bleaches and cleaners.

GO TO: Switch to products that are free of ’Chemicals of concern’

4Eat more pulses - phytoestrogens are considerably less potent and can block cell receptor sites from accepting human oestradiol. But phytoestrogens wash through the body more easily and bind less tightly. Legumes (pulses) are the best sources; so as well as green juices, eat lentils, red kidney beans, chickpeas etc. Red clover is also an option.

5Eat vibrant yellow and red foods for their carotenoids. Carotenoids have been shown to be crucial to women with oestrogen-driven breast cancer. Also, research from the City of Hope Medical Center in California shows button mushrooms can inhibit aromatase enzymes and generally mushrooms reduce oestrogen levels, as can flaxseed on your breakfast!

6: Consider taking Indole 3 Carbinol/DIM.  Eat more greens like kale and broccoli - they contain I3C and its substrate DIM. But you simply cannot eat enough - you will have to supplement. A powerful anticancer agent, DIM has been shown to convert the aggressive form of oestrogen (oestradiol, estradiol) to its safer sisters, limit metastases, and even correct non-estrogenic cancers.  
7: Consider taking Melatonin - Sleep in a fully darkened room with regular sleeping times. Melatonin is an antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory compound, which has importantly been shown to regulate oestrogen and growth hormone excesses in the body as well as having very real epigenetic (anti-cancer) benefits. There is research on how 20 mg supplements fight cancer and make drugs work better. 

Go To : A Review on melatonin and oestrogen-driven cancer.  

8. Take light to moderate daily exercise - 40 - 60 minutes a day is linked to lowered oestrogen levels, lowered cancer risk and less cancer return. You need to ’get puffed’. A 2011 study in ’Applied Physiology’, showed that 5 hours a week significantly reduced estrogen levels. Exercise oxygenates you (sensitising cancer cells) and produces endorphins, which neutralise stress hormones. A 2002 NCI study showed it reduced oestrogen too. Keep moving during the day. Sitting for long periods is bad.

9. Reduce exposure to EMFs - The government is now taking EMFs seriously. They reduce your melatonin levels. Beware living near power cables; having TVs or electrical equipment round your bed; and have your home tested for fault lines.

10. Avoid antibiotics and drugs, especially PPIs where possible - They severely damage your ’good’ gut bacteria. These have been proven to help the removal of oestrogenic compounds (human and chemical) from the body. Take probiotics and also Go To: Heal Ur Gut. 

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