* The Sunday Show: Chris Woollams and Prof. Dana Flavin, Covid and Cancer 2022

* The Sunday Show: Chris Woollams and Prof. Dana Flavin, Covid and Cancer 2022

On Sunday 30th January, Chris Woollams and Professor Dana Flavin will be answering your questions on 'Covid and Cancer' including the key one, "If I have cancer, am I safe to have a booster shot with an mRNA vaccine?".

Professor Flavin is a Biochemist and Medical Doctor and used to work in the USA for the FDA - the people who approve these vaccines. Chris is a Biochemist from Oxford University who specialised in cancer, and also in virology.

The two previous times these two have been on the show together it was exciting and riveting. They are kindred health spirits who really understand the research and can translate it into simple things you need to know. The questions from the audience have been coming in thick and fast:

   * If I have cancer and get Covid, am I more likely to die?

   * I've read that the mRNA shots put down your immune system. Is this true? 

   * If I have had two AZ vaccine shots, is it sensible to have an mRNA booster?

   * Can mRNA vaccines bring my cancer back?

   * How can I best deal with Long-Covid?

   * Should I have a Booster if I am already having Chemo?

   * Should 12-15 year olds be vaccinated?

   * Is the vaccine more dangerous to people with certain cancers?

   * Is this really a pandemic among the unvaccinated?

   * I am thinking about now being vaccinated. What about the new protein-based vaccines?

The Show will go out on Sunday 30th January.  As listeners all too frequently said, "The shows are full of useful information - and inspiring." Several shows now have had over 6,000 viewers.

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This Show is NOT TO BE MISSED as, yet again, Chris sets out to bring you other perspectives that can increase your personal odds of survival, if you have been touched by cancer.

NB. The Next Sunday Show is in February: 'How Chris helped Zoe beat her Er+ve breast cancer which was already in 6 lymph nodes'

The Sunday Show 2022
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