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Chris Woolmams / Catherine Woollams
Latest Cancer News and Cancer Research - Cancer Watch

Cancer Watch - our unique cancer research centre

Here is the latest news on cancer and cancer research from around the world. Importantly, we focus on stories that you can use today, not things that may lead to a drug in ten years time! We want to empower you right now, to help you increase your personal choices and odds of survival. 

So welcome to Cancer Watch - the heart of our charity CANCERactive.  Here we cover the latest cancer research and news, and the latest cancer information from all over the world - on drugs, surgery, radiotherapy, nutrition, chemical toxins, cancer causes, complementary cancer therapies, new or emerging cancer treatments - indeed, anything that could help you beat cancer, or prevent it, today.

As you will see, so much is already known about cancer around the world. We often wonder why yet more funds need to be raised on a daily basis, when so much good research already conducted is simply ignored, and/or never passed on. 

Why did no one tell me?

Neither CANCERactive nor Chris Woollams, this section´s editor, originate any research. When Chris and his daughter, Catherine (who had a glioma) started their hunt for more information on treatments that might help her survive longer, they could not believe how much information and research already existed around the world - information that somehow is just not passed on to people trying to beat cancer in the UK. As a result they felt that people were not so much dying of cancer, but of IGNORANCE. And that is terrible.

´Why did no one ever tell me?´ is a cry we hear all too frequently after people find the CANCERactive web site.

(To go directly to a list of all research, by year, go to the drop box marked ´Please Select´ at the top of this article below the picture of Catherine)

Some people say we should monitor the research and only put up the research we feel is correct - this argument is absurd. Who is qualified to judge the merits of a piece of research from a top Medical School in America and co-ordinated by a top Professor and six scientists? Any research, peer reviewed and/or published in top scientific journals, coming from top scientists merits your attention.

Of course, there are problems. For example, there have been all too many reports about fraudulent research practices in the Pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, one year a drug is approved in a fanfare of glory; several years later it is withdrawn. If the paid experts cannot see through the research at the time, how are we supposed to?

Cancer research you can use today

Finally, we make a point of selecting only the research studies you can implement today, whether they concern environmental toxins you can cut out of your life, or new compounds you can include to increase your personal odds of survival. Being told that researchers have discovered genetic features of cancer that could be the start point for drugs in 15 years time is hardly the news people struggling with cancer today really care about!

Helping you make better-informed decisions and personal choices

No other major charity covers the width and volume of research we do - from drugs to natural compounds, radiotherapy to new therapies. Research is defined three different ways in Wikipedia, but all say the same thing: Research is the provision of information to increase knowledge. And we are happy to conclude that this (and building a 3600 page website) makes Chris clearly Britain´s Number 1 Cancer Researcher!

We pass on the research - it is for you to use as you see fit. Why not discuss it with your Doctor? He/she should be more than happy to read some new research that might help someone with cancer.

Knowledge, Information, Research and Empowerment

There is a saying that knowledge is power. With cancer, knowledge can be the difference between life and death. Our aim is to empower you; to increase your knowledge so that you can make more informed personal choices.

We use this cancer research in our articles throughout the site, so you know that there is serious research behind our assertions. No one should ever accuse us of quackery - CANCERactive is independent and evidence-based. Our reporting of the research has no vested interests lying behind it.

The evidence starts here in Cancer Watch. Here we cover the drugs and their side effects, the clinical trials on meditation, or fish oils, on acupuncture, beneficial bacteria (probiotics), diet, causes and so on.

At the top you should see a drop down box with the dates of Cancer Watch appearing by year. All research studies appeared in icon magazine or directly on this website and are included in Chris Woollams´ e newsletter.

(To go directly to a list of all research by year go to the ´Please Select´ drop box above)

The magazine comes out every 9 months. The e newsletter is fortnightly. Why not sign up here to receive the latest news straight into your computer?

What are you waiting for?

1 Click on the years in the drop down box above to open the articles (some have 50 research studies in them). Read all the information you may have missed in the last ten years!

2 Sign up to receive Chris´ e newsletter.

3 And why not sign up to receive icon magazine, delivered to your own home?

Can you really afford to miss the very latest cancer research - whether it is on a new drug or a natural compound?

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