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12 Ways To Reduce Your Oestrogen Levels

Reduce your oestrogen levels yourself!Oestrogen fuel

Levels of oestrogen, or estrogen, have never been higher in the history of mankind than they are today. In women AND men.

Our bodies are awash with natural oestrogen (of our own making and from the foods we eat) and from synthetic equivalents originating from chemicals in pesticides, white can linings, parabens, preservatives, phthalates in plastic bottles, certain common toiletries like some nail polishes and perfumes. (Just to mention but a very few).

Worse, localised oestrogen has now been linked, not just with female cancers like breast and ovarian, but with male cancers like prostate cancer and testicular cancer; and with general cancers from melanoma to types of lung, colon and brain cancers. Oestrogen can cause a cancer and fuel the cancer fire.

Oestrogen is NOT the female sex hormone. It is a family of chemicals - the most dangerous being oestradiol (estradiol) made in your fat stores by aromatase enzymes. Equally dangerous oestrogen is found in environmental chemicals. If you have breast cancer, your oncologist may suggest oestrogen-decreasing drugs, but rarely do doctors suggest this with other cancers. There is much you can do to help yourself

Want to reduce your oestrogen levels? You should read our book ´Oestrogen - the killer in our midst´. Meanwhile here´s your ´oestrogen -reducing quick start programme´:

1: Don´t be overweight - the dangerous human oestrogen, oestradiol, is made there! And fat levels in the body raise your oestrogen levels (in men and women).

2: Eat less red and mass market meat - eating meat brings the animals own oestrogen into your body.

Perfume bottle

3: Go toxin-free at home - the average UK woman comes into contact with 680 chemicals a month IN HER OWN HOME. Here are some suggestions:

i. Do not put perfume or perfumed products on your skin (and that includes aftershaves and body lotions).
ii. Beware drinking liquids from plastic bottles/cups especially if hot, because of phthalate levels.
iii. Beware eating tinned food from cans with white linings because of BPA levels.
iv. Avoid parabens where possible in toiletries.
v. Beware volatile carbons from ceiling and floor tile glues, or chipboard.
vi. Beware gases from common bleaches and cleaners.

GO TO: Switch to products that are free of ´Chemicals of concern´

4: Beware some sunscreens - ingredients like PABA, retinyl palmitate and oxybenzone have been banned or questioned already. The EU is on the case - but slowly.

5: Go organic - cut herbicides and pesticides, have a farmers box delivered. Oestrogen-enhancing pesticides like DDT and Lindane are still appearing in our food chain, especially on imported foods.

6: Eat more pulses - phytoestrogens are considerably less potent and can block cell receptor sites from accepting human oestradiol. Consider red clover, humous, lentils, red kidney beans. But, phytoestrogens are weak and wash through the body, so you need to eat them every day.

7: Eat vibrant yellow and red foods for their carotenoids. Carotenoids have been shown to be crucial to women with oestrogen-driven breast cancer. Some mushrooms reduce oestrogen levels too, as can flaxseed on your breakfast!

8: Eat more greens, like kale and broccoli - indole 3 carbinol has been shown to convert the aggressive form of oestrogen (oestradiol, estradiol) to its safer sisters.

9: Take light but daily exercise - 60 minutes a day is linked to lowered oestrogen levels, lowered cancer risk and less cancer return. Keep moving during the day. Siiting for long periods is bad.

10: Sleep in a fully darkened room with regular sleeping times. Melatonin has been shown to regulate oestrogen excesses in the body and have very real epigenetic (anti-cancer) benefits. Or consider melatonin supplementation (3mg - 20 mg). Go To : A Review on melatonin and oestrogen driven cancer.  

11.Reduce exposure to EMFs - The government is now taking EMFs seriously. They reduce your melatonin levels. Beware living near power cables; having TVs or electrical equipment round your bed; have your home tested for fault lines.

12. Do not take antibiotics - Your gut bacteria have been proven to help the removal of oestrogenic compounds from the body. Both human and chemical. Take probiotics and also Go To: Heal Ur Gut. 
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Melatonin - self defence against cancer

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