*** The Sunday Show, Chris Woollams interviews Jane McLelland - How to starve cancer

*** The Sunday Show, Chris Woollams interviews Jane McLelland - How to starve cancer

On Sunday September 13th 2020, Chris Woollams interviews cancer survivor Jane McLelland who used diet, determination and a mixture of off-label, repurposed drugs to beat her stage 4, grade 4 cancer; Jane went on to write the highly acclaimed book, 'How to starve your cancer'.

First Jane had cervical cancer which progressed. The oncologists used their potions and medicines. The net result? The drugs gave Jane a Grade 4, Stage 4 leukemia. Jane decided that there must be a better way to beat this cancer and started to look into the science of stopping it feeding, and stopping it spreading. And then she discovered there were drugs created for other medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, anxiety and parasites that could be effective against cancer. And these drugs have been around for years, their safety well known, their many effects well-documented.

Now 100% a cancer survivor Jane has a wonderful and interesting story to tell. Jane detailed her story and then the use of off-label drugs that can be effective against certain cancer pathways such as EGFR or KRAS in her 2019 book 'How to starve your cancer'.  You can read more about building an Off-Label drugs protocol and order Jane's book HERE.

But our own Chris Woollams has been helping people beat cancer and telling people about off-label drugs for almost 20 years, so there is almost no person better equipped to interview Jane. Some book readers have found the book superb, others find the section on pathways and treatments and even the 'Metro Map', unfathomable. Chris will go into this with Jane and simplify it all.

The first four Sunday Shows have been praised for their highly interesting and informative content. This Sunday Show will be no different. 

This Sunday Show will go out World Wide from Midnight to midnight GMT UK time, Sunday September 13th.

You can register for this September 13th Sunday Show HERE.

Registration opens on Monday August 10th at noon UK time.

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