European Authorities launch investigation into HPV vaccines

2015 Research

We have expressed our concerns about the need for HPV vaccines, their safety, and the lack of truly rigorous research especially in relation to claims by some ‘experts’ that boys should have the vaccines too.

In 2013, a meta-study of research concluded that safety checks were inadequate (See here:, and recent Press articles in the British Press talk of 8,228 official adverse reactions in a decade, and that this was estimated to be only 10 per cent of the true total.  The MHRA is insisting the vaccines are safe, even though these figures are considerably above those of other vaccines. Now the EU has decided to launch an investigation into the data on both Gardasil and Cevarix.

3,000 women are diagnosed in the UK each year with cervical cancer and the vaccines are thought to be effective against 70 per cent of cases. Although only introduced 7 years ago in 2008, the NHS is claiming the vaccination programme to be a huge success, although there don’t seem too many statistics available to support this claim. Indeed, in all the research studies on the vaccines there has never been evidence of any cancer prevented.

2015 Research
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