Cancer Watch - The very latest cancer information

This web site sets out to bring you up to speed in the cancer learning process as fast as possible. Whether it is on cancer prevention and cancer causes, complementary and alternative therapies as well as the orthodox drugs, surgery and radiotherapy, you will find Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer, right here on this CANCERactive site.
But things change fast. Every month in my e news there is a section called Cancer Watch in which I cover 30 or more stories - a new drug, new treatments from Japan, or Russia or Australia; then theres new research about pomegranates and prostate cancer, or carotenoids helping with breast cancer survival. And then there are breakthroughs and brand new ideas and therapies.
We take the best of these into icon magazine but, as it only appears quarterly, we only have space for 45 or 50 of the news items.
So, if you want to know everything that is going on CLICK HERE. The link will take you to LATEST RESEARCH - our research section, and you will find all the e news stories and Cancer Watch over the last few years.
* So if you want to read about what may have caused your cancer look in Chemical World.
* For the latest drugs etc look in Your cancer,
* and for info on how to prevent - and how to build a lifestyle and diet to help you beat the disease - look under Lifestlyle and nutrition.
You might even end up knowing more than your oncologist!
Cancer Watch - The very latest cancer information
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