12 health news items you probably missed

April 2nd 2016


12 health news items you probably missed

Increasingly, health news becomes more and more censored. Drugs are wonderful, vaccines better, and cancer management is the new norm. Unfortunately, this all seems to have by-passed real people and patients, who would rather like to be cured!

One report showed that Doctors received 82% of their news on health direct from Big Pharma and their sales forces. So, is your doctor likely to know the benefits of vitamin D and curcumin? Not a chance.

So here are 12 news items, some on cancer, others on Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular issues, diabetes and cholesterol. For 14 years, I’ve been on a mission to empower you with research evidence so that you can make better health choices for yourself!

Empowering people to make better health choices. Chris Woollams

1. How to prevent (and tackle) colorectal or bowel cancer

Do you know how important fish oils, curcumin, metformin and tagamet are to you if there’s a risk of colorectal (or Bowel) cancer? No, I thought not. Here are 15 simple facts that could make a very big difference to preventing (or tackling) Colorectal or Bowel cancer.

The ’Truth about Cancer’ series runs again (for FREE)

NINE films all FREE to watch, as American Ty Bollinger goes round the world talking to doctors who have developed and work with alternative ways of treating cancer, plus a number of individuals who beat theirs. You are absolutely guaranteed to learn something from this series, and it is completely free to watch. It really is well worth doing so if you are touched by cancer.

Sure, there’s a fair bit of hype and not the research detail and hard evidence I give you. And he is not the first person to be on a Mission to tell you the Truth about cancer - that was me, 14 years ago! But this series is definitely worth a look - especially if you are newly diagnosed, or wondering which way to turn at a late stage of cancer. My mission is his mission too. Just click the link below to register and receive the Internet links. It airs shortly, so register now!

2. So how well does Orthodox breast cancer treatment actually perform?

Here are some detailed figures provided by a UK oncologist to his patient. Very, very interesting reading!!

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is easily the best oil for your health

Regular readers may know that I looked into some of the claims for coconut oil (like, it reverses Alzheimer’s - complete tosh). However, olive oil does have a lot of serious research behind it on reducing inflammation and preventing illnesses from Alzheimer’s to cancer. Read this very short article and you will not use anything else again, even for cooking!

4. Do you know what CRISPR is?

No, it is nothing to do with my Public Relations company. It involves changing your genes to make you well again, and heathy. But there is much more to it than that. And the dangers are mind-boggling.

5. And now an immunotherapy for leukaemia

New but similar treatments from two separate US cancer centres - this time for leukaemia. Soon there will be one for every cancer, and you should always ask your oncologist what is in the immunotherapy locker for you.

6. HIFU now shown to melt away bone metastases

I have championed HIFU for more than a decade, despite other UK charities ignoring it and pro-Pharma IT trolls attacking me for my views. Now it has been shown to remove secondary cancers in bones. Read the research from the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden, England, plus our overview on the whole subject of Hyperthermia. It’s important. Really important.

Just as I have always believed, this is an Alternative cancer treatment of ’Immense Potential’. This is the future of cancer treatment. And it is non-invasive, cheap and quick. Everybody reading this should click the links below.

7. Two ways to have far less chemo and get much better results!

Mainstream Scientists have just come up with a new way of giving people just one fiftieth of the chemo dose, but getting the same (or even a better) result. But then ’Alternative’ therapists achieved much the same thing several years ago. Neither will be accepted by the powers that be. Can you imagine that Big Pharma will be happy to lose 98% of its cancer drug volumes?!

8. Are you worried your cancer could spread to your liver?

You should be. This research contains an Inconvenient Truth - and a way you can protect yourself for a few pence a day.

9. This compound actually does seem to reverse early-stage Alzheimer’s

It may be far more effective at onset or in the very early stages, but it is definitely worth knowing about.


Every month I try to ’buddy’ about 5 people with cancer - I help them build a programme (diet, supplements, complementary therapies etc) around their doctor’s clever stuff! The American Cancer Society is very clear. In their report, they state: Complementary Therapies can increase survival times and even prevent a cancer returning.

We have a two hour chat, and off you go. But you can ask further questions as and when you want. As someone said last month in an e mail to me "It was brilliant. You explained, you told me things no one had mentioned, and you gave me a clear way forward. It was beyond every expectation!"

10. Having a by-pass operation?

A top Medical School in Thailand, where I live, found that if you take this natural compound you reduce your heart attack risk by 56 per cent when having a by-pass operation.

11. A natural compound to reduce bad cholesterol?

A natural compound, you may not have even heard of and which comes mainly from Southern Italy, can reduce bad cholesterol levels. Check it out.

12. Here’s a herb that is as good as metformin for Type-2 diabetes

Actually, it is early stage research but a two part study showed it performed as well on sugar control and had cholesterol controlling properties as well.

What’s your risk of cancer?

Take a 42 second quiz, to discover your risk of cancer. Share it with friends and family - they all need to know. Put the link below on your Facebook or any other social media. It’s fun. But it’s important.

A few years ago, CANCERactive conducted research on how much people knew about cancer prevention. Less than 4% of people know much at all. It is incredible, but that figure shows why we are on this mission. Sadly, people don’t think about cancer prevention until about 24 hours after they are diagnosed. This quiz just might make a few people wake up to reality. PUT THIS LINK on YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA: http://bit.ly/1ZPuBOh ASK OTHERS to take the QUIZ.

Please pass this e news and the links on to people you know who would appreciate more information like this.

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