* The Sunday Show 04: ’Herbs that fight cancer’; Fiona Shakeela Burns

* The Sunday Show 04: ’Herbs that fight cancer’; Fiona Shakeela Burns

On Sunday 15th May 2022, Chris Woollams will interview herbalist Fiona Shakeela Burns, who was also founder of the first Facebook support group in the UK, Cancerucan. The subject will be 'Herbs that fight cancer'.

Fiona is a fabulous lady and a real cancer survivor herself - she has beaten two separate cancers in her life. Now Fiona also organises three day retreats, seminars and events for people with cancer. She has really devoted her life to herbalism and helping others beat cancer.

Please be clear, Fiona will be answering your questions! You can submit a question by following the link below. You might ask about Wormwood with Colorectal cancer, Honokiol and Lung cancer, Holy Basil and Prostate cancer, or Psoralen with HER2 Breast cancer. Or how about Fucoidan with Lymphoma, or Black cumin seed and Pancreatic cancer? Do you know about these?

This show should be light-hearted and very informative as more and more research has taken place on cancer-fighting herbs over the past decade.

You have two options:

1. Watch it on Sunday 15th May 2022  - It's Free!!!! 

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To ask a question CLICK HERE (Questions should be no more than 30 words and on the topic of 'Herbs that fight cancer')

Yet again, this Show is NOT TO BE MISSED as Chris sets out to bring you other perspectives that can increase your personal odds of survival, if you have been touched by cancer.

As listeners all too frequently say, "The shows are full of useful information - and inspiring."  Several shows now have had over 6,000 viewers on the Sunday.


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