The Rainbow Diet

The Rainbow Diet

This book, written by Chris Woollams, an attempt to look at the facts on food and all sorts of diets to help people build a diet that can help prevent cancer and also correct if they already have the disease. Its full title is ’The Rainbow Diet - and how it can help you beat cancer’. It was launched on July 14th (Bastille Day!!) 2008.

Five years of study and all the research that has crossed Chris’ desk has gone into The Rainbow Diet. In the book he looks at the research available on various cancer prevention diets, and then looks into their relevance if you already have cancer.


Quote from actor Martin Shaw about The Rainbow Diet " I’ve been involved with health and healing issues for nearly forty years.  Every word of Chris’s book rang true, and I’m convinced that the ideas in it are a powerful and effective way to optimum health. Anyone suffering from ill health or dis-ease will find it a life enhancing experience."

Buy it now by clicking here -only 15 (plus P&P)

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