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Recharging your failing cancer cells
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Chris Woolmams / Catherine Woollams
Recharging your failing cancer cells
This is the story of Dr David Walker and was first brought to our attention through the pages of the UK Journal Positive Health. An American educated in several sciences, he developed colon cancer.

His science background meant he knew that cancer cells are different. One cause of cancer is that normal healthy cells have become toxic and hold too much sodium and not enough potassium. As a result their power stations Power down. When the energy output becomes too low (think batteries) the systems in the cell do not function properly, especially the p52 Repair gene. It thus cannot stop the cell dividing uncontrollably.

David Walker claims doctorates in biophysics and biochemistry and so knew that one possibility was to recharge his cells and get the systems working again, thus killing the cancer cells. This he has apparently done; and he has survived his cancer.

Dubbed a quack when he tried to help others, he now has a clinic in Mexico. His dietary ideas are not far from those of Gerson, William Kelley and even Dr Gonzalez in New York. (Use the search in the top right corner of your screen to find more on these people).


In early 2010 we received an e mail at CANCERactive which came from someone simply saying they were a lawyer in the USA and claiming that we were advertising the work of Dr David Walker who was a fraud and he did not cure anybody (but then many cancer drugs do not cure anybody either - it doesnt make them fraudulent). The e mail said that Walker was never a Professor and just took money off innocent people.

At CANCERactive we provide information. What you do with it is your business. Throughout the site we tell people to check their proposed actions with their Medical Professional, especially when contemplating complementary or alternative therapies. By their nature, many alternative therapies have no clinical evidence to support their efficacy.

We replied stating that we do not advertise anybody or their treatments. We also had no evidence that the e mail was from a lawyer. We do however know several UK people who have been to Walker and he charged them nothing. He also offered to treat my daughter for nothing.

Furthermore, our story on Walker is very clear that he operates out of Mexico to keep away from the USA Health Authorities.

We have today (May 14th 2010) received an e mail from Vince Radice entitled David Walker is a fraud. It says simply Please remove the info about David Walker or face potential law suit. The man is a complete fraud.

We have sent all correspondence to David Walker for his comments. Our problem is that we received two e mails disparaging British Professors at the top of Clinical Oncology in England last year and it is very hard to differentiate between objective criticism and a personal vendetta when we dont know any more facts.

We will publish these comments until such time as David Walker comes back to us.
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