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The cancer work of Dr David Walker
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Dr David Walker

The Work of Dr. David Walker

A Biophysicists Approach To Curing Colon Cancer - recharging his cells

In 1994 David Walker, a 40-year-old Doctor of Biophysics, had an appendix operation, and discovered he had colon cancer with metastasis to five other organ locations. He undertook a course of chemotherapy and followed his oncologists orders.

Open quotesDr Walker never returned for further chemotherapy treatmentClose quotes

Unfortunately the surgery left his left leg unusable for six months, whilst the chemotherapy took the skin off the palms of his hands, and generally so poisoned him that he was advised to stop for a period of 3 months. Dr Walker never returned for further chemotherapy treatment.

This was the moment that changed his life. Dr Walker isnt just a Doctor of Biophysics, he claims qualifications in both biochemistry and microbiology and set out to do his homework, searching the Internet, reading books and delving in-depth into nutrition, the biochemistry of cancer and its biophysical properties. And then he started his own programme. He detoxed, he took glycoproteins and phytonutrients, and he cut red meat and sugar. All sensible steps and those found every month in icon. But his additional and crucial element was unusual, and way outside the knowledge of his doctors.

Cancer Cells Are Low In Energy

Just as your body is surrounded by an energetic aura, so is each one of your cells. Made of energetic atoms, and producing energy in the mitochondria or power stations, every healthy cell has a natural energy of between 70 and 90 millivolts.

However not all cells are this energised. For example, free radicals can rip pieces off healthy cell membranes causing them to lose charge down to about 15 millivolts. Dr Walker found that cells with reduced energy levels cannot complete the normal cellular cycle and are more likely to mutate. Under normal conditions the p53 gene in all of us destroys mutated cells. It is the protector gene and the repairer.

Open quotesDr Walker found that cells with reduced energy levels cannot complete the normal cellular cycleClose quotes

However it needs a certain energy level to do this and 15 millivolts simply is not enough. Thus the p53 gene, now classified as Wild Type p53, is rendered inactive - its battery just cant provide enough energy to light the light. However, Dr Walker then found that another gene (the myg gene), which causes cells to divide, could work at levels below 15 millivolts. Being the last gene in the life cycle of communication, known as a life sustention gene, the myg gene needs very little energy to do its work. In a mutated cell configuration, this necessary gene then becomes the bad gene, dividing at an accelerated rate causing cancer to grow faster. This stage of damage now results in DNA fragmentation and RNA supplementation, rendering the cell helpless to recognise its own proper structure and means of healthy cellular communication.

So free radicals damage cells and create the activation and acceleration process of the myg gene, which, instead of protecting healthy cells, produces mutations; and simultaneously the p53 protective gene is shut down. Result: cancer.

A Multitude Of Cancer Factors

He also researched many of the other factors we frequently mention in icon. That cancer cells cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment and that the high levels of oxygen can kill them; that high potassium and magnesium are good for cells and sodium is bad; that glycoproteins help cells communicate and the immune system to detect rogue cells.

In all he identified a number of unique factors in the cycle of cellular communication that had failed in the cancer process and needed to be regenerated to return the cellular systems to health. And thus he developed his own therapy.

In early 2010 we received an e mail at CANCERactive which came from someone simply saying they were a lawyer in the USA and claiming that we were advertising the work of Dr David Walker who was a fraud and he did not cure anybody (but then many cancer drugs do not cure anybody either - it doesnt make them fraudulent). The e mail said that Walker was never a Professor and just took money off innocent people.

At CANCERactive we provide information. What you do with it is your business. Throughout the site we tell people to check their proposed actions with their Medical Professional, especially when contemplating complementary or alternative therapies. By their nature, many alternative therapies have no clinical evidence to support their efficacy.

We replied stating that we do not advertise anybody or their treatments. We also had no evidence that the e mail was from a lawyer. We do however know several UK people who have been to Walker and he charged them nothing. He also offered to treat my daughter for nothing.

Furthermore, our story on Walker is very clear that he operates out of Mexico to keep away from the USA Health Authorities.

We have today (May 14th 2010) received an e mail from Vince Radice entitled David Walker is a fraud. It says simply Please remove the info about David Walker or face potential law suit. The man is a complete fraud.

We have sent all correspondence to David Walker for his comments. Our problem is that we received two e mails disparaging British Professors at the top of Clinical Oncology in England last year and it is very hard to differentiate between objective criticism and a personal vendetta when we dont know any more facts.

We will publish these comments until such time as David Walker comes back to us.

Dr. Walkers Treatment Therapy Programme

Detoxification: As with Gerson, Plaskett and Gonzalez, detoxification of the blood system and liver was a crucial start point.

Nutrition: He avoided red meat, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, refined carbohydrates and dairy.

He added phytonutrients (e.g. kelp, spirulina) and glycoproteins into his diet.

Open quotesDetoxification of the blood system and liver was a crucial start pointClose quotes

He supplemented with a variety of anticancer supplements and also strongly recommends a herbal enzyme supplement called Bio-X, aka CNX formula, which contains herbs like liquorice root.

Oxygen: At icon we encourage people to oxygenate their cells through exercise. Dr Walker used sodium micelle, an enzyme, to do the job.

Bioresonance: David Broom referred to this in his chapter. There are a number of machines on the market that resonate across a spectrum of frequencies. Your different cells and organs each have their own frequency and can pick up on the appropriate signal provided by a resonance machine and thus recharge themselves. The Russians have used similar machines for years in their space programme.

The Mission

As Dr Walker treated himself, he became well to the point where after two years his doctor had pronounced him clear of colon, or indeed any, cancer.

Word gets around and people with cancer contacted him. In many instances he helped people with his time and products for free. He even kept detailed records on every patient - over 500 in all, and now after 10 years, he has over 3,500 three-way medical testimonials on his programme and on the products he recommends.

Open quotesAfter two years his doctor had pronounced him clear of colon, or indeed any, cancerClose quotes

He even asked the National Institute of Health if they would check out his findings. They refused and shortly afterwards the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General in association with the FDA sued him on the grounds that, through his website, he was actually providing medical advice. As with Dr Burzynski, the FDA spread its net and over 320 charges were filed against him in three different court cases, from selling illegal over-the-counter drugs to practicing medicine whilst unlicensed.

In the end the Federal Trade Commission decided that it was his constitutional right to review cancer patients medical records and offer medical advice, but only as long as he didnt sell anything.

Hounded Out

Eventually he lost on just two minor charges concerning record keeping and was fined $860,000. This cost him everything he owned, including his home.

Undaunted, he was determined to continue. Although he was offered several jobs in complementary health, he felt he had a mission to accomplish. He knew that existing chemotherapy was damaging and dangerous, whilst he had developed a logical and scientifically justifiable non-toxic alternative. One that delivered results and he had the records to prove it!

Open quotesDavid is on an honest missionClose quotes

So Dr David Walker packed in his life in the USA and set up a clinic in Mexico, where he now consults and designs personalised therapy programmes for cancer and chronic disease patients. Although the days of free service and products are gone, as a result of his poverty due to the US governments actions, the one nice part of his relocation is that one does not have to go to Mexico to get the benefit of this programme, although it is recommended. He has a booklet and can give advice by Internet or phone. This really is not a case of an expensive alternative treatment, nor indeed one that has to be delivered in Mexico for fear of US reprisals.

David is on an honest mission. Often he charges nothing, he just wants to pass on knowledge and help. Interestingly, I was told recently that the Russians have been looking in depth into Bio-resonance, so soon he may not be alone in his theories.

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