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Fundraising events for CANCERactive

Fundraising can come about in so many different ways - in fact FUNDRAISING for CANCERactive could be called FUN RAISING!

There lots of diferent events that you can join in to raise money for CANCERactive both at home and abroad; walking, cycling, sailing or jumping out of airplanes and more. Have a look at the list below and click on the event that you like the look of to find out more and sign up.

Overseas Events

UK Events


Hadrian´s Wall

A weekend trek 25 miles alongside the only remaining sections of the wall. Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.

Jurassic Coast Trek

A weekend trip 25 miles along the coast of England´s first Natural World Heritage Site. Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.


London to Paris

A 5 day challenge cycling from London to Paris - one of the great cycle experiences in Europe. Passing through picturesque countryside, we cross the Channel and continue through the small villages and medieval market towns of Northern France. Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.


Channel Islands Challenge

Sail across the Channel on Musketeer, a classic 46ft racing yawl on a 4 day adventure. Departing from her home port of Poole, Musketeer takes the passage to the Channel Islands, giving you the opportunity to experience life at sea. Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.



Available at over 20 airfields across the UK! No experience is required as all training is given and if you raise the minimum sponsorship you can receive your skydive for free! Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.


Great South Run

The Great South Run will take place on Sunday 28th Oct 2012 - register your interest today and make sure you are part of it!! Call Marie for full information on 01280 821211 or email at for a place. 



Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

A 19 day trek that takes you via the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar through beautiful valleys, dense forests and across glacial rivers before we reach the renowned viewpoint of Kalapatar, on the approach to Everest Base Camp, and see the highest mountain on the planet. Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.

Saharan Trek (North Africa)

This 10 day trek in the Sahara Desert transports you to another world.  This will be an unforgettable and lifechanging challenge. With proud Berbers as guides and a small caravan of camels to carry our supplies, we trek 100km through this remarkably varied and stunning landscape.  Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.

Mount Blanc (Europe)

Our eight day trek takes in three countries as we circle the highest peak in Western Europe. The challenge is physically demanding and will test your stamina and determination. Mont Blanc is our constant companion for most of the week. Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.

Kilimanjaro (East Africa)

Located on the North Eastern tip of Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the worlds highest peaks and a truly amazing spectacle! Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.


 Costa Rica

Explore Costa Ricas diverse landscapes, from rainforest to mountains to volcanoes before arriving at the crystal blue sea. A remote and rewarding challenge awaits. Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.

China Trek

A 10 day trek the country with the biggest population in the world China that remains largely untouched by the West. It is a beautiful country steeped in tradition, history and mythology. For those with a passion for culture and a sense of adventure China leaves an indelible mark on all who go there.Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.


Ho Chi Minh Trail to Angkor Wat (Vietnam)

Our 12 day challenge takes us from Vietnamese Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, through the rice-paddies and waterways of the beautiful Mekong Delta into Cambodia towards one of the most impressive sights in Southeast Asia, the Royal Temples of Angkor Wat. Click here for full information and Click here to sign up.

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